Let go ...relax...wind down.....

Thought of studying for my exam tonight and then while chatting with my pretty ex-colleague on msn,  I decided to 'throw' away my usual or planned routine to relax and wind down especially when she kept telling me to take care of myself and family. I earlier told her that I have meetings from 9am till 5pm the whole day today and was real tired! Went to the massage centre and it was closed on monday nights. :P Thus, all of a sudden, I decided to let my hair down (though not much left) and relax the few hours of mondays nights away....surfing the net, chatting and of course reading others blogs!

And, surprisingly, seeing that I have no meetings to attend next monday, I applied leave to take next monday off just now. It's really fun to sleep late on a sunday night seeing some other folks waking up early to start the work week while I'm still snoring and later take my family to a nice western breakfast at a cafe. And, well, maybe it's time I blogged on food again after a long absence.

Thinking of going to Desaru again (where else can go in JB....:P) this weekend but intend to stay overnight this time round. Let's see how it goes.... it's time to re-energised and refresh the mind, soul and body! Alternatively, just rest at home, shop, check out some good Japanese food and sleep!
I will exercise rigorously tomorrow and the day after to 'cleanse' all my stress hormones like cortisol and adrenaline away from my system and let the feel good hormone, endorphins,  to release into my system...hahaha...sounds like a geek huh?


  1. ya, should take a break once in a while. Wow, Desaru..i hvn't been there. should go there one day.

  2. good for you...glad to know you know how to let your hair down even tho not much HAAHAHAHAHHAHAAH maybe a trip to yun nam? HAAHAHAHAA kidding cheers

  3. Wa wa,, one pretty ex collegue MSNing and you just let your hair down and relax kekekekek.

    good on you bro,time to chill sometimes,,,to smell the roses,to hug somebody, to just do nonsense .

    god bless

  4. What exam are you studying for? It's good to relax and have a good time. Should go for a long holiday! : )

  5. wah... the first pic! make me envy only the baby sooooo relax!!!!!!

    go.. go relax... and come back with relaxing pics for US to see.. so that we can unwind too... :)

  6. manglish - no need yun nam, use ba wang shampoo will do!

    eugene - that's the power of chio bu!!

    foongpc - Project Management Professional (PMP)...took a lot of time to revise *sigh*

    Merryn - haha..i knew u love the baby pixs :)

  7. Sounds really good! I'm biking to my workplace to relax and stay fit - but massage would be nice as well..

  8. lol.. funny how 'Relax' acts as a censor.. lol..