Safeguard your personal information

I just received a letter all the way from Portugal (btw, this post is not about the World Cup and C. Ronaldo :) ). It was sent to me by an attorney and he wanted to help me secure a windfall left by his dead client. A number was given to me to call him if I'm interested as well as contact details like email and postal address. I was laughing when reading the letter.

However, it's also scary to see your personal particulars like address has ended up oceans away from your home!! I really don't know how this fella manage to got hold of my postal address but I guess it's likely due to those job hunting websites where I deposited my resume years ago or I could have given away my contact in some lucky draws where I will get a prize, either a free vacation to some resorts or win some door gifts. I can't remember.By the way, I sat through some 3 hours presentation almost five years ago for a 2 day stay at a chain of resorts only to find out that those are lousy hotels!!

Thus, do not give away your personal particulars easily if it's not necessary. There are always folks who sold your information to some other parties which will later call you to buy their products or gave you a long winded phone conversation on how great their club membership. I recalled the telemarketers addressed me as Sir or Mister but don't even know what's my name when I asked them!

Have a good work week!!


  1. i got this kind of things a lot but mostly in emails. i think only once i got it mailed to my home. yeah.. indeed scary! ppl are selling private info lah these days.. :(

  2. if i count the emails i received.. i am a super millionaire by now.. heheheee

  3. Hi Chris, yes, we can never be too safe with what we do with our computers....and one reason my wife and I NEVER buy anything online, or join Facebook....especially after reading some horror stories experienced by people.

    I am only in my Blog....nothing else...and apart from that just surfing, read about cars or fishing, BUT no joining, buying anything via the Net....no way I'm going to disclose my credit cards to people, stores I don't know....
    I must see, look, touch if buying anything.

    Oh ya, we don't even own h/phones....no reason too....and my wife and I are not phone chatters or talkers, ha ha.
    Have a nice day, Lee.

  4. very strange how some ppl will fall for this kind of scam eh...

  5. Merryn - That's what annoyed me where people pass around your info for marketing purpose.

    reanaclaire- and if you reply to them, you could be a bankruptcy now

    Uncle Lee - I'm really surprise you don't even own a handphone! Anyway, I know one friend of mine who also don't owned one as he dislikes his clients calling him on his mobile while he's resting. He prefers them to call him at his office. And, yeah, I also prefer to buy 'physically' unless it's MP3. However, even the MP3 quality is not good in my first purchase. Have a nice day, too!

    manglish - if u r ignorance, you might be surprise with the professionalism of how he presented in the letter. This is how people falls to it and with greed in mind.

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  7. I alwyas received this kind of 'offer' through my internet line..and I know its all scam..always be carefull. There is no easy money without a price hehehe

  8. yeah....better dun click on any junk emails and response to sms....