New Year's eve at Secret Recipe

I seems to be doing this second time in a row. I was at Secret Recipe with family during the last day of 2008 and repeated again in 2009, having their delicious cakes and coffee while winding off for the long weekend. Well, I believe it's due to my half day off on new year's eve and it's a great feeling to know you don't have to work for three days...... 

Well, first time I tried this.... 'hi-fibre' cheesecake. It's real delicious with chunks of nuts and fruits bits in it! That's how the fibre stuffs came.... LOL. I love this!

Here's my 4 year old kid all time favourite, chocolate cheesecake. My wife and I were surprise he can wallop the entire slice of cake. LOL...
And as always, a cuppa of refreshing coffee to usher in the new year. Hope it's not too late to wish you guys a Happy New Year 2010. :)


  1. hey bro...yeah, nice way to begin ur new year...happy new year to u

    actually i got a problem posting comment in ur blog....each time after post, it will pop up many ie browsers in my comp and hangs it

  2. Happy New Year to you and your family too :)

    I love their banana Choc cake.

  3. Anything that has got to do with Cheese, chocolate and ice cream are my favourite!!! :D

  4. There is a Secret Recipe , Papparich, Pizzahut ,McDonalds and Domino at my place.WOW. I just realized just how lucky I am.lol
    Now, that 'hi-fibre' cheesecake looking FANTASTIC!

  5. yo.. no matter i see u so tai chek already last month... do u remember last time u were like a "stick?"... now eating all these delicious yummylicious sweeties.. not surprising! hahaha... really enjoy life hor!

  6. are these their new recipes? i find Secret Recipe cakes not as delicious as LaManila haahaahha maybe i am biased gua

  7. I dunno the high fibre cake nice anot, but I love all Secret Recipe's choc cakes. *grinz* and best thing is? I can wallop all without fearing I will gain weight, cuz I dun gain weight. LOL.

  8. Hi Chrisau, thanks for stopping by my site earlier and nice to meet you. You've a lovely blog and will try to scroll around in awhile. Btw, Happy 2010! May it be the blissful & prosperous one.
    Best wishes, Kristy

    p/s did you just mentioned about Secret Recipe! I've one at home! hehe... Just kidding!

  9. vialentino - oh , issit? I never encountered any problems even I didn't sign in to my blog. Maybe u can email me the screenshots and I report to blogger.com. Yeap, it's a great start to end the year ..hahah

    smallkucing - so u also a secret recipe's cakes fan huh?

    Merryn - haha..usually all ladies love it!

    Shakira - wow... u stayed near the town area? Yeap, the hi fibre cheesecake is real cool!

    manglish - dunno but first time try the hi-fibre cheesecake. Don't have LaManila here leh...

    Cleffairy - that's why i quickly ask u to come to my blog..haha

    reanaclaire - got meh? I workout at the gym mah..

    Kristy - thanks for visiting too!! Happy new year!

  10. wah bro...can see u are pastry fan ler...i cant take much of sweet cakes/pastry....dun like too sweet stuff....but sweet drinks ok wor...kakaka

  11. vialentino - haha... lately probably influence by my kid and nieces in laws. I guess I gotta cut down else my cholesterol will go up!

    chubskulit - :) ..go and have one!!