Aberdeen cafe, Ipoh

I usually likes to end my food posting with a coffee each time but decided to make a change this time- here's Ipoh's famous White Coffee! Anyway, I didn't patronise that famous old town white coffee that almost everyone knows these days but a place that my family used to go for bites.

Aberdeen Cafe is located at 16-18 Jalan Medan Ipoh 3, which is near Tesco. The environment is nice and it seems crowded when we were there on an afternoon, and which is a holiday. It's spacious, air-conditioned and their menu offered lots of food, from western to oriental. Btw, the kopi above cost Rm2.50

Since I always craved for chicken hor fun in Ipoh, and also just have had a taugeh chicken hor fun two nights before, I still want to eat it ( had enough until I go back to Jb...hahaha). Anyway, to my disappointment, the hor fun didn't turn up as nice as the rest. This cost RM5.
My wife had a different craving, she loves asam laksa. It smells great but of course, cannot compare to the Penang Air Itam Laksa. Well, it's ok...decent enough for a bowl of laksa though I think there's rooms of improvements. Cost - RM5
 Their ham sandwiches, besides their coffee, is nice. I love the cheese spread and the generous amount of ham added to it.

Overall, the place not too bad with good service and nicely decor. Great to come here for some small bites and chat over coffee. :)


  1. Just looking at the photos of kopi and ham sandwiches,yummy! I can't wait to have my breakfast. :)

  2. around 10:30pm in London, I am so so so hungry when i reading ur blog... :p

  3. the sandwich looked good....very good...hahahhahh

  4. true, quite a nice place. been there a number of times.

  5. I am hungry after looking at the Hor Fun :(

  6. Asian Breakfast - glad the post helps improve your appetite. :)

    kikey - Im sure you have a heavy meal after reading this. How's life in London ?

    manglish - It sure do...bro. And, that's the best we had in the cafe that day.

    smallkucing - me too...miss the Ipoh hor fun, and the only place to eat is Old town cafe where a bowl cost almost RM8! So ex...

  7. 2 things looks very appetizing to me in this entry. The laksa, and the sandwich. OMG, I love sandwich! But... the laksa... the soup looks very watery to me. :( Not up to Penang standard.

  8. i will only come here when oldtown is full house :P

  9. Address will be useful!
    GPS coordinates even better! :)

  10. Wonder how the cafe got its name as Aberdeen is the name of a town in Scotland

  11. jen - ok, so this is a popular place rite?

    lupie - oh..the address is there, up above :) And, thanks for commenting.

    BF - yeah ...maybe they stayed in aberdeen b4..haha