Mee Hoon Kuey - a popular noodle soup in the South

Mee Hoon kuey in hokkien or popular known as 'pan mee' or 'min fan kou' in cantonese can be found almost everywhere in Malaysia but I find that it's especially popular in the south - JB and Singapore. It comes in a variety of noodles - the popular 'no shape' ones or 'tear' noodles, the spinach green type, the long ramen look-alike type and etc. I love the 'tear' ones...where the noodles comes in many big chunks.

This is what I always love to had ..and I grew to love this noodle soup only when I come to the south. It was kinda unknown to me before that. And to make this noodles soup delicious, the soup is very important. It should be sweet and absorbed the fragrance of the ikan bilis which should not be too hard but 'chewable'. There should be lots of vegetables on it and the soup should not be too complicated.

The singapore version has lot of ingredients in the soup which includes eggs and that could backfired , where it affects the soup. However, I tried some nice stalls in Singapore and the lots of ingredients they add in makes the soup even nicer.

Here's one that's cooked with spinach noodles. Overall, I still prefers the JB style where the soup is clearer and lighter.
Check out this newly opened outlet at Permas Jaya, Jalan Permas 10.


  1. Nice...I like Pan Mee wih a lot of Cakur manis. Doesnt like with spinach.

    Kinda hard to find young Cakur manis at my area :(

  2. i love mee hun kueh...my mum used to make them and i love the crunchy ikan bilis on top...i think i made the same comment in someone:s blog b4 aahah tat goes to show how much i love mee hun kueh hahahah

  3. small kucing - yeah...lots of ikan bilis!! It makes it taste good. I think most of the stalls can be found in the south...JB or spore. There are lots here.

  4. manglish - yeap man...cos u r from johor. Im sure u love it!!

  5. Hello Chrisau, I love this pan me, also known I think as 'begger's noodle'.
    My wife makes it sometimes...and yes, I used to eat this in JB, Singapore too.
    In the 70s and early 80s I ate at Bugis street, at Beach road a well that big, iron market, I forgot the name, near harbour front.

    I know Singapore very well, but mostly stayed at Mandarin and Shangrila hotels every 2 weeks on business.

    Used to go to Bedok or East Coast Parkway, near the big Splash for seafood.
    Lat trip back was in '02. And Singapore has changed a lot too.

    I bought a Zippo cigarette lighter at People's park wayyyyy back in 1972, I am still using it today, ha ha.
    You keep well and have a nice day, Lee.

  6. I could have a bowl of that right now because IT IS SO COLD IN HERE.

  7. Uncle lee - well, that market in bugis is very much commercialised now. It's more like a tourist attractions. So, when's your next trip to Spore? Glad you are keeping the beautiful memories of the place. And, your lighter is still functional after 3 decades ? It's almost as old as me! haha... You have a good day too!

  8. chubskulit - oh dear.... must be the extreme weather lately. Hope you and family are all right. Have a hot bowl of chicken soup!

  9. I'd like to try this noodle soup. Looks appetizing!

  10. Aikksss.... I just had some today. Yummie yummie!

  11. hmm.. mee hun kueh..
    hahaha.. Taman Daya has very nice mee hun kueh too!!
    the best, they even have delievery to my company.. hehehe..

  12. I love pan mee! Can eat it everyday! : )