Massage Vs Exercise - the after effect

Which one you prefers to go for a nice relaxation moment? A nice, good massage in the caring hands of a skillful masseuse or work it out in the gym? Well, I'm sure most folks will choose the former which I did too.  How nice to lay down on a cool bed with someone applying friction to your muscles all over the body, from head to neck, from neck to shoulders, from shoulders to your upper body and later to your lower back, and all the way to your thighs, hips and feet! It's a relaxation sensation especially when it is applied with aromatic oil, in a dark cool room!

Exercise in terms of playing games or even working out at the gym is very different. You gotta huff and puff, sweat, challenge yourself mentally and physically to reach your workout goals or winning a game.

However, all these 'pains' have their reward too .... 

Last Tuesday night after work, I was face with a decision, to go for massage or a run at the treadmill in my company's gym?  I finally gave in to having a massage and it was indeed a good Thai massage. However, I realise that everytime after each massage, I don't get the 'after effect' compared to a good workout where my body and mind are truly relaxed.

Thus, I find that if I want to feel good and less stressful especially on the next working day, it's better to workout. Probably, I go for massage on weekends.:)


  1. For me I would say massage :). Not a fan of exercise :p

  2. Hi Chrisau, I have never had a massage, except once awhile my wife bangs my back,ha ha.
    Guess you in tip top shape, huh? ECP would be a nice place to jog.
    As well never even thought of going or having one.
    Best regards, Lee.

  3. I love both. I would love to execise than once awhile, a massage, then.

  4. getting lazier & lazier to move my bum so i choose massage!

  5. I usually got for massage after a aching my body after strenuous exercise

  6. smallkucing - that's what the majority choose. :)

    Uncle Lee - well, I still need to workout my 1 big flab on my stomach..haha... that's the toughest part. Well, just trying to feel good from a workout. ECP is great place to jog but I never tried before. It's far from my place.

    Shakira and BF - yeah... a massage will helps to relax the tired muscles after a workout. Maybe do a full body massage once a month

    Jen - Then it's time to start working out for a nice good bod for CNY!

  7. Exercise gives us some kind of adrenalin rush that makes us alert and refreshed after...

    A massage? Makes us 'haiyo'.. so pampered and feel lazy to to anything after...

    conclusion.. have a massage that leads to exercise.. wink wink.. have a nice weekend chris :)

  8. Merryn - yeah. they complement each other!!

  9. I prefer exercise more than a massage..

  10. wah...suddenly so health conscious one..

  11. chubskulit - that's what the majority likes

    reanaclaire - im always healthy wat..except makan. :P

  12. I'd enjoy a nice workout and then shower and then massage. Perfect day!