Original Kluang Railway Coffee

In my previous blog site ,I've blogged about the Kluang Railway kopitiam but this time round, I've been to the actual Kluang Railway Coffee. :) Yes, this is where they have started from, a humble coffee corner for passengers waiting for trains which offered great coffee, nasi lemak and toasts.

I like their humble, ragged and old kopitiam as seen above and below, it looks so original than  those 'modern' kopitiams which tries to be nostalgic.  Well, when you're here, you already have that kind of nostalgic feeling!
A view from the front, afar from the kopitiam. To its right are the railways, with some passengers waiting to alight the trains.
Here's another closer look, it was really crowded on a saturday afternoon!
A view to the far right showing the railways and the KTM logo.

As for the food, well, I thought of ordering the nasi lemak but it was already sold out by 4pm plus. Thus, we only have their toasts left for the afternoon.
As above is their kaya bun. The kaya was good and it flows out from the bun, just when you take a bite at it! Below is their tuna bun. It's hot and crispy!

Here's their popular kaya toast in white bread. Again, it's their aromatic kaya which makes the toast so delicious. I really had a lot of bread that afternoon! :P
Well, as usual, not forgetting a cup of their trademark kopi. Having it hot with an aromatic coffee smell really refreshes me before the trip back to JB.
Here's an outside view of the railway station where extra tables and chairs were placed here to cater to the crowd.


  1. wow...this is how the kluang station cafe got its name....must try the original one day ler...

  2. wow the original.....as a johorean i must pay my visit hahahha

  3. Never been there! But the kaya bun looks so delicious! Yummy! : )

  4. oh this.. not so sure i like it or not.. but im sure u love them.. esp with coffeeeeeee... :)

  5. vialentino - yeap, this is where they started. Initially I didn't even know they have branches in the Klang valley.

    manglish - which part of johor?

    BF - yeah, maybe it's sat.

    foongpc - yeah, I like the kaya bun too

    claire - well, just pay a visit and have a coffee before starting my journey back home

  6. You know,those kopitiams that have stood the test of time surely have their magic in keeping the customers coming back back back.

    you know bro, in Penang we have or used to have a lot of these kind of kopitiams but sadly to say some had to give way to developement.

  7. kaya!!! i really miss kaya toast~
    try to make once, but failed :P

  8. eugene - yeap, it's getting lesser and lesser bro. However, there are still the good ones around, like the above and Ipoh old town kopitiams.

    Kikey - keep trying...you may work it out right some day.

  9. yo bro....i am back from krabi...thanks for ur support and visit to my site.

    smile on ur g ads...