Zenxin Organic Park, Kluang

Well, it's been a short while since I last blogged, as I was running out of ideas to post on my blog. Thus, as fellow blogger manglish said, it's better not to blog than posting 'garbages' which I totally agreed..LOL. Ok, I was in Kluang over the weekend and thought it's a good idea to share this attraction park to you guys... and take a break from those usual delicious food which makes your stomach growling. :)

Here's the entrance to the organic park. The place is very near to the Ayer Hitam toll but takes around  20 minutes drive to Kluang town. It's usually crowded during weekends where lots of buses especially from Singapore stopped by. It's basically an agriculture park where vegetables and its famous' red flesh' dragon fruit were grown here. I didn't really go through the entire park like what usually fellow blogger , Borneo Falcon, did when he visited places.

We first stopped at their florist centre. Lots of plants can be found here and it's a great place for those hunting for pots of flowers. There's really an assortment of floral available here, it seems.

I've taken some macro shots here of the orkids.....



..and cactus. :) I really love the cactus and do thought of buying some!

Guess below are grasses...to be grown in landed properties, well, just guessing.

Below is what greeted you when you come to their main hall. And, behind are their dragon fruit plants. They do looks like some sci-fi Aliens especially if this is the first time you glanced at it.LOL

Another snap of the main hall which was crowded at that time. There was a restaurant here which sold a variety of organic foods at affordable price. I bought a 'looi cha' (rice with assortment of vegetables) at RM5 only, which is considered ok for organic. It will be probably around RM3.50 per bowl elsewhere but ....non-organic leh! Too bad I didn't snap a pic of the meal, probably  next time.
There's a pond behind, it looks natural and there's lots of fishes inside it. I do really feel relax here looking at the lush and greenery natural portrait.

Here's the organic farm which I didn't go in and explored. The park does have a lot of schedule programs where they organise short trips around the park, sorta like an 'edu-tainment'.Good for kids, I guess.

OK, below and above are the dragon fruit plants which I mentioned earlier it looks like Aliens... do you think so? :)

I love these two shots which I zoom in to the raw fruit, which is still growing.

Well, another shot of the dragon fruits plantation here below, there's really  lots and lots of the fruit being grown here. It's actually not just here at this park but elsewhere around rural Kluang. I guess Kluang produces a lot of dragon fruits in the country.
They also have a mart here, mostly selling organic stuffs and those which are grown here.
Here are some other pics of the plantation.This area is really large!

This will certainly tells how the park looks like.


  1. LOL...chris...ur blog is so much interesting than mine...u have pics while all i have are words and hence, i would really be churning out rubbish if there is no good point hahah not you...and never you! AHAHAHHAHAAH i am ashamed to be a johorean, i didnt know such place existed hahaaa...kluang is very near to pontian, my home town :)

  2. I always fancy organic food but they are a bit expensive

  3. manglish - LOL..i guess this place is considered not too old, probably les than 5 yrs if Im not wrong. OK la...even pics can be rubbish! I prefer to post pics since im not good in writing and a picture worth a thousand words... :)

    BF - it's indeed expensive. Not sure if it's really that good compare to non-organic ones.

  4. bro bro bro,,, blogging is not that hard serously,if we were to look around us, people with come in contact with,events that take place,day in and day out, we will sure have tonnes to blog about,,,,,,

    as for me,i have many things to write,basically because i love writing and sharing,and i am a person that can go along well with people,so that will give me even more things to blog about,,,

    I believe you dont really blog about your family do you? that area alone can be alot of things to share already lah.

    take care now bro,,,,,, i am going back to my in law next CNY, if could hope to meet up with you,, only if you could,, hahahahaha

  5. is there any blue corn flower in the plant centre?

  6. eugene - sure, bro. anytime! yeah, I do thought of sharing some other stuffs on personal life experiences but not ready yet to blog on my family. Well, prefer to keep them private but might show some pics of them later.

    kelvin - oh... i really don't know cos I dunno much abt flowers!

  7. Wow! I didn't know such an organic park exists! I always love organic food! They are so much tastier!

  8. hey..didnt know u r a nature lover till now.. or are u just testing your photography skills? so when coming back to IPOH?

  9. foongpc - yeap, you can find more details from their website - http://www.zenxin.com.my

    reana - yes, trying out my canon powershot 110SX..which has a 10x zoom and some manual functions...hehehe. eh..im likely be back for xmas!! Got party or not?

  10. hmmmmm....interesting :) shldve been there when i was over in kluang for a wedding day shoot....hehehe. so you have moved to this new blog huh......kekeke. sudah upgrade ka??

  11. Calvin - hahha...cos I can't do much with adverts on wordpress, so switch lor

  12. Posting garbage? LOL. I thought readers loved garbages and junks. I was even given a Blog-Award by Fable Frog for writing crappy Grandma stories! The name has permanently stucked to me till now. Blek!

    I will be back!

  13. The lst pic looked familiar with the man facing the bloggers,, but why you put his buttock than his face!!!

  14. i rather go for organic food now...thou it is expensive...but it is healthy...this kind of thing....i willing to spend it

  15. Twilight zone - oh, then i shld post more rubbish posting then..LOL. thanks for visiting. Added u to my blogroll.

    loretta - err... probably he saw me taking the pic and flash his buttock?

    wenn - :)

    vialentino - yeah man, eat healthily