Coconut Flower Seafood Restaurant, Teluk Gong, Port Klang

This is one big restaurant in an open area with lots and lots of dining tables, and all the tables were most occupied during weekends. Located at Teluk Gong in Port Klang, it's not easy to locate it where   there is a small road leading to the place.However, I believe the eatery is well-known to folks from the Klang Valley since it's so crowded! There are actually a few seafood restaurants to the side of the road but this seems to be the most crowded!

And, I think the dishes are affordable, though we didn't ordered anything luxury. Check out the prices-

Vegetables - RM10. Crunchy and fresh enough for consumption. 

House Specialty Tofu - RM12. This is a good one. The tofu are nicely golden fried with other ingredients mixed with the tofu inside. 
Fried fish - RM8.
Fried Vermicilli with crams ('Lala') - RM10. I have never tried vermicilli fried with 'lala' before and it really looks special to me. It really tasted good. Recommended!
Salted Crab - Rm30 (1 kg) - The best of all! Besides being affordable for only RM30 (for the above!), the salted crab has a lot of meat and the seasoning really absorbed into the meat. This is really a good place for seafood.

They also sell 'toddy' or coconut wine, for those who love to drink.Coconut Flower restaurant is located at -
702 Jalan Udang Galah,42000 Port Klang, Selangor.

Getting here (courtesy of http://www.journeymalaysia.com) -  - Take the road from Klang to Banting, and turn right at the flyover to Pulau Indah. At the second set of traffic lights, turn left. After two kilometres, turn left after the bridge at the crossroad sign. Exactly one kilometre from this crossroad junction is the coconut flower seafood restaurant. Watch out for a small coconut plantation. There's a stretch of seafood restaurants here.


  1. ohh i have been there a few times..honestly i think the beehoon with lala is kinda overrated? hhahh :)

  2. I don't think I come across this place while in Port Klang. They serve really good food here

  3. u reminds me of this restaurant wher i used to dine for cheap seafood...not sure the price there now....been more than 5 years i did not visit this restaurant...

  4. this morning i suddenly miss Malaysian foods. Now reading ur blog, make me even more miss~~

  5. eh..when did u go port klang.. u really makan kaki eh... the crabs so cheap??? 30rm is very darn cheap la.. .

  6. BF - This place is not easy to locate, you need someone to guide you there.

    vialentino - It's still affordable la...if you look at the prices.

    kikey - awww... go to some asian restaurants over there.

    reana - yeap, went there 2 weeks ago! Cheap hor.. I was surprised when they billed me Rm30 for that 1 kg.

    wenn - go...makan crab this weekend! :)

  7. wowowie! i love crabs! unfortunately there's no fresh crabs that can be bought in the grocery store near us. I love vermicelli too....so tasty!
    all the food in your pics look great! yummylicious! ^_^

  8. ok ok...good...dunno when got chance to go there to makan again...kuala selangor seafood not that cheap anymore also ler...

  9. I'm here again.just wanna say happy weekend.

  10. MY FIL brought me to eat in this place once, and it's nice... I dun like the fried fish tho... not my cuppa tea.

    ps: Chris... i'm having problem posting my comments using open id lah in ur blog... how come ah???

  11. Gonna check out 'seafood lala' at this place tonight! Thanks for the info guys! :D