Klang Bak Kut Teh

Well, as always when you're in Klang, go for the famous and original Bak Kut Teh, near the Klang Railway Station.  I have tried it in my last visit almost a decade ago and it's time to savour Malaysia's favourite pork rib soup again. These are what we ordered,  not too much since most of us are still full then (around 4 adults and 4 kids). Not much hor?

As below is the front of the kopitiam, notice they are looking at me when I snapped this pic. LOL... It was around 5pm then and the crowd haven't really steps in.
Here's a side view of the kopitiam. That's where Bak Kut Teh was born, according to most folks. The railways are just 30-40 metres away from this shop and while eating, you can see trains passing by. It's as though as you're dining besides  the railways, and the kids love it!
OK, this is the main meal, pork ribs in the thick herbal soup. The soup is the first thing I tried and that's tell whether if the Bak Kut Teh is good. Well, there are different opinions from my group, but I still think their soup and Bak Kut Teh is still good.
Here are the supplement dishes - the 'tau pok' (fried tofu).....

and internal organs like pork intestine and etc, else better known as 'spare parts'. :)  We also ordered a side vegetable dish to go along.

And not forgetting the aromatic chinese tea, which is a must for the pork ribs soup. It served in tiny cups, thus, you need several helpings before you can quenched your thirst. Anyway, this is more for enjoying the aromatic chinese tea, with the dishes.

I snapped this at the main door of the shop. Besides located near the railway, it's also beneath a fly-over, which makes a good parking bay for the visitors.


  1. ooohhhh i know this...he was featured in A Xian on Astro a few years ago right? it was packed packed packed after the show.....i love their bak kut teh also...:)

  2. ok,, i like bah kut teh,, but my all time favourtite is the one in JB,, soon hing,, i think that name,,,

    now i cut down bah kut teh already lar bro,, trying to go vegan,,,,, save the world ma,,hahahah,,

    hey have a good week ahead,,and god bless

  3. all of them looks so tastey.
    oh i miss fried tofu =)

  4. Nice BKT! Would love to visit this place if I ever go Klang - which is, hardly : )

  5. yeah...bro i went to this famous bkt stall...taste good also....the problem is they dun serve garlic and served bkt in individual bowl ler...

  6. manglish - Is it? I'm residing in Spore thus don't have Astro. Yeah, heard that it's packed.

    Eugene - wow... that required lots of discipline!! Btw, Soon Hing is great for BKT. One of the famous ones in JB.

    Meryl - I know Filipinos love pork. :)

    foongpc - why?

    vialentino - yeah.. i also asked about garlic but sadly they don't have. Probably they sticked to their traditions.

  7. I will try to look up for this place since it is located near the Klang KTM station. But I don't recall seeing the mosque though

  8. It's been some time didn't take Bak Tuk Teh, it looks yummy!


  9. my fave!!! but the one i like is located at bercham =P

  10. BF - it's not difficult to locate. Walk straight down from the railway station or just ask anyone around. You can calso search for other blogs for more info. on the kopitiam.

    Zooropa - thanks for visiting! Added u on my blogroll.

    jen - bercham....which one?

  11. i love bak kut teh..very delicious..

  12. Oh la la I am drooling! Mouthwatering, I am actually drooling right now lol..

  13. wenn - I guess everybody who loves to ear pork loves BKT ...LOL

    Daniel - Yeap, will post Teluk Gong Coconut Flower resturant soon... :)

    chuskulit - I know...filipinos loves it! LOL

  14. Sutera mall got stone grill, the first shop at the main gate..
    is called star rock or something like that, the ppl inside said they already combine with stone grill wor..
    but the service there is bad, food bad, everything bad la..