Grill on the hot stone!!

I have not been eating healthily recently but some food are really too hard to resist. Luckily, I workout 3-4 times a week...LOL. I was back at Stonegrill and ordered my favourite sirloin steak. It comes 'raw' but marinated with spices, some corns and fried rice. 

The steak cooked very fast and you really have to twist and turn it till it was cooked, to your requirements. I prefer medium-well, but most of the time it became well-done. 

When the steak was first served, it was raw....

After grilling it on the hot stone for a very short while... 
Dipped in the black pepper sauce and you had a sinfully but delicious meal. Ok, time to go for a jog....!!


  1. Looks good. Best if fresh beef, juicy and sweet. Here, we only have imported frozen ones...

  2. Eh... where's this place? Bukit Mertajam? Stone Age?

  3. Stp -its juicy but don't think imported.

  4. yummy! a good piece of meat works for me all the time.