Another great weekend....

It was another good weekend for me last week. By the way, my definition of a good weekend is I spent my rest days well and utilised it to the best that I can as I used to be inactive for the most part of this year's weekends and wasting it. Anyway, not just weekend, but we should also lived to the fullest daily as in Psalm 118:24, This is the day the LORD has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it.  

It's usually family day for me during weekends and I brought my family out from almost noon till night last Saturday. We were at Plaza Pelangi for lunch and it happens that there was a Gangnam dance  competition there, much to the delight of my kids. LOL.... However, it was a day of running errands followed by tea breaks and later wind down to a nice dinner. We were so tired when home even at 10pm and slept early. After all, my  little princess gotta performed in her nursery the next morning.

Woke up early to send my princess to Foon Yew high school where she will be performing before we went to nearby Taman Pelangi for breakfast. Back to the school later and enjoyed a quiet Sunday morning there before the show starts.

My kid, wifey and yours truly....

My little princess receiving her award...
It was a two hour show with all the kids performing in groups and I have had a good time there, especially taking videos and pictures of my little princess performing. As usual, she was her bubbly style during her performance. (third from left, back row)

Next, after lunch, I rush off to my church for my Baptism class and it was another 1.5 hours of spiritual refresh and learning. It was great!! Brought my family out to McDonald's for dinner later as my kids were persuading me for burgers and sundaes. Ok, they got their wishes..... hehehe...

Have a good mid-week, folks!


  1. Yes, Sunday is a day of rest... Many people leave all the chores till Sunday - no time to relax and enjoy quality time with the family and they end up going back to work on Monday, all exhausted.

  2. Normally my Saturday morning till evening is my day of rest. Sunday full with church thingy..lol. Went for mass then teached in Children Liturgy class and last Sunday we have this preparation for infant baptism..fuh what a day. Yes 'This is the day the the Lord has come let us rejoice and be glad in it'

  3. A real family man!! This is the time to treasure your family and seeing to their needs.. :)

  4. Glad to know you had a great weekend~

    For me, I'd also choose a relaxing family day on weekend ;)

  5. Nicole is super cute! *unlike her Dad* :P