The last cup of coffee.....

oppps.... it should be termed as the last coffee for the day. Went for a heart scan just now which consisted of a 10-15 minutes scan of the entire heart, resting ECG and treadmill ECG at a nearby hospital which cost me RM560 in total, including the cardiologist's fees. I was complaining of irregular heartbeats for the past two weeks which scared the hell out of me, though two doctors assured me it's mind over matters and asked me to cut down on caffeine intake. Anyway, one of the docs suggested I do a full heart checkup to ensure there's really nothing wrong with the heart before he prescribed relaxing pills to me, and again less coffee.

The three tests turned out to be allright and infact as someone who ran on the treadmill regularly, I continued to run till the end of the stress test, though the nurse told me I can stop if I feel tired...hahaha... Well, can't help it, have to show off a bit to the young, petite and cute hitam manis malay nurse. Seeing nothing wrong with me except probably stress and high caffeine intake, I was asked to relax more and cut down on coffee, tea or coke. The doc asked me to substitute with green tea instead. Ok, not too bad as I love green tea too.

After the checkup, my family and I were slightly  hungry and we drove to Taman Pelangi for Niniq bistro. We  ordered a focacia turkey ham and cheese sandwich to share (as below) which tasted good!!
Turkey ham and cheese focacia
 And well....I was uneasy when the waiter asked us for our order for drinks and when wifey said coffee, I told him two coffees please. Then, wifey gave me a short stare and well, I told this will be the last one for the day..... sigh...  It's rather unusual not to order coffee in a place where they make good kopi....
Flat white

Ok, I keep to one cup per day from tomorrow onwards first and see how.... Have a good week, folks!


  1. Haizz... I oso can get pretty much overdose on tea. Quite bad wan, can get withdrawal if i dun drink. :(

  2. Cleffairy - yeah, better cut down on tea. Drink calming herbal tea like camomile instead. No good for heart. Im experiencing palpitations and iiregular heartbeats for 2 weeks already due to 4-5 cups of a mixed of coffee, coke and tea.

  3. keep that up..not good to take too much coffee..

  4. wenn - yeah, will try to keep to not more than 2 cups per day.

  5. Kucing - still need to monitor for 1 month. Today was damn sleepy with 1 cup of caffeine! Withdrawal symptoms coming in.......

  6. Go eat chocolate... I can so survive life without coffee :P

    1. Merryn - good idea!! I love dark chocolates! It's healthy too!