It's a good weekend....

It was not a pleasant drive to Kluang last Saturday as it was raining heavily all the way till we almost reached Machap R&R.From there, it was just a few Km to the Ayer Hitam toll. I was there to bring my kid and sis in law for their chinese sinseh checkup as well as have my pulse checked too by that famous sinseh in town.

Once done, I was back to Kluang Railway Coffee again after almost a year. It was refreshing to enjoy the kaya toast and a nice cuppa of coffee , though I have been cutting down to 2 cups a day. I simply love the kaya, it was so delicious!!

A cup of nice coffee with healthy toasted bread in kaya spread
My wifey was a fan of mee rebus and thus, she ordered, which was one of the specialty there. Somehow I find that the food at the original Kluang railway coffee are much better than their branches like those in Ikano Power Centre and etc. Let me know your opinions too if you have been to both.

Mee Rebus

While we are enjoying our food, my little princess was playing 'masak masak' and even made me a 'cup of coffee'..hahaha...  We drove back to JB in a nice cooling weather after the rain before entering Senai (U) interchange to go to Johor premium outlet. It was tiring when I got back but then, it's been awhile since I drove around like this.

Then, woke up early on Sunday but still late for church service. However, I still persisted to go to service as I do not want to skip too many services. It was a great sermon by an invited Pastor, who talked on Spiritual maturity. After listening to it, I don't really think I am that mature...hahaha... After service, I packed some chicken rice home for lunch before going back to church again for my baptism class, all happened within 1.5 hour. It was a great sharing and time really passed without me noticing it  and I am back home again .Took a quick nap before taking my family out for dinner and came back to Singapore after that for another work week.

It was a good weekend for me. Have a bless week!


  1. Oooo...so very pretty your girl!!! Not like the father! Muahahahahaha!!!!

  2. So weekday u will be in SG and weekend in Malaysia?

  3. haha..my boy used to experiment with our food too..

  4. I tried that time of wholemeal bun before...but don't really like it. I find it very tough especially when it has cooled down

    1. yee ling - guess it's due to the ingredients. anyway, I'm full with 1 slice.

  5. Glad to know you had a great weekend! I had a tiring weekend, will blog bout it soon ;)

  6. STP is right..not look like father but mother only! hahahaa...
    hey, I am happy to hear from mom that you are getting baptised in December.. want me to go down to poong cheong? :)

  7. Hayley - ok, blog it. You will feel better after expressing it.

  8. Reana -sure sure.....can over!! Bring your mom too! My parents will be coming.

  9. Kaya where got healthy?

    Love STP's comment! :P

  10. Nice food, beautiful daughter, beautiful day..have a blessed day