Back to routines.....

Hey folks...how have you been? Again, I felt I disappeared from the blog-sphere recently after CNY. In fact, I was missing in action from several so called routine 'appointments' till I start telling myself to go back to my routines. I was back at the Toastmasters club last Thursday to the surprise of the folks there and I really felt nice to be greeted by the members. :) I didn't workout lately and glad to go back to the gym again. :) However, I haven't attended church yet where two of my ex-cell group members started checking on me. Well, I gotta get myself back soon, maybe this Sunday. And, well I'm back here, blogging again!!

It was a typical past weekend again for me and family, and since my kid gotta attend school last Saturday, I only got to go out last Sunday. Well, the shopping malls were kinda quiet after the holiday seasons and I guess most of the folks hold their wallet back after spending a lot. We had a great tea break at Lavender then in Tebrau City.

Teriyaki salmon rice
Feeling hungry but don't want to stuff myself up, I decided to ask my wifey to share a teriyaki salmon rice with me. It was my first time trying it out though been to Lavender umpteen times. It was delicious and healthy!

My kid had a craving for sweet stuff and asked for waffles. I thought it's a good idea too to share with his baby sis. Lavender's waffles always nice!!

A pot of lemongrass tea
We refreshed ourselves with cups of lemongrass tea. Goood to dispel the wind from my stomach... *burp*... opps... excuse me... We back to the mall to run our errands and before we knew it , it's dinner. I suggested Japanese food at the popular Nijyumaru restaurant in Permas Jaya.

Salmon teriyaki set
It's my wifey turn now for her favourite but authentic teriyaki salmon, as compared to the one I had earlier. Love the meaty salmon!!

Bento set
 I was actually quite hungry then and went for their massive bento set. It was really full and I can't finish the vegetables on the right. I love the sashimi and sushi though. And, that wind up my weekend before I headed back to Singapore after the dinner.

Have a great mid week , folks!


  1. would certainly love the pot of tea. Food looks good

  2. Food looks great...but Japanese? No, thank you...

  3. Kucing - I'm loving lemongrass tea!

  4. STP- you not a big fan of Japanese food huh?

  5. Wow, the waffles is special! I bet they taste good too!

  6. wah... bro.. u really pan nai tarn! Your father recently mentioned that you always tarn basking in hot coffee and toasted bread before heading for dinner soon after.. anyway, good to tarn with your family! (and that includes me as well) hahaha..

  7. Salmon teriyaki looks good. I like Unagi better though. You better get back to routine or you'll be sucked into a black hole in Timbaktu one of these days...

  8. the shape of the waffle looks special :) looks more appetizing to me.

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  9. welcome back to blogsphere. same for me here.. has been MIA for long long time ady. :*) anyway, nice food there! keep blogging and show us all the good food around your town yeah.