After CNY

The week seems pass so fast. I remember my family and I were getting ready to get into Singapore for the reunion dinner last Sunday and the chinese new year seems over now. Well, it has been a quiet CNY for me I didn't really go anywhere except nearby malls and spent time with my entire family in Singapore. Though there are a few attractions in Singapore, like the flower exhibits in Sentosa, Marina Bay Sands, Chinatown and etc, I didn't really go out and my kids will not be able to stand the crowded places. Anyway, I have had lots of  rest as well as family bonding over the past week.Back in JB, had a nice and simple lunch with my in laws :-

Lotus with celery
Cod fish with teriyaki sauce
Pork ribs
Choy sam
I have a craving for dim sum, thus I ordered a bit of it, which are all my favourites:-
'Har gau'

'siew mai'
sesame balls

, I can felt the CNY mood again in JB especially at Sutera mall. To me, it's the most happening mall in JB, and it sure lived up to its reputation by having hundreds of  lanterns all over the mall, shows, nice decors and etc.

A 'flying dragon' at the main hall
Cute dragons welcoming you to the mall
The decor at the entrance

The Fortune god at the outside of the mall

 There was also a nicely decorated mini-park nearby the mall where we can enjoy some fresh air.
The mini park was quite an attraction too
'Lion Dance'

And, my kids having a great time at the park
I be back to work tomorrow and I'm sure most of us do. Have a good week ahead.


  1. Nice photos!

    CNY is coming to an end soon.. Anyway, hope you had a great weekend~

  2. hey bro, the other day they have a Santa Claus there.. and now a choy sun yeh? :) Must be very happening in Sutera... thought of going to JB in March..

  3. Yum! Yum! Nice food! Time to hit the gym, eh? LOL!!!

  4. Hayley - well, have had a good rest at home today while we went out yesterday.

  5. Claire- yup.....always the same yearly. Ok, let me know when u r here.

  6. Yes, the week passed so fast!! I hope I can rewind the time!

  7. Yday, i thought of getting down at Sutra Mall, but was told have to change bus at Gelang Patah, drop the idea...

  8. Gong Xi Fa Cai Chris. Love the Flying Dragon!

  9. Sharon - you should take the bus all the way to Bukit Indah.

  10. Kucing - lol....it's not beach but rather the sandy park. They loved it!

  11. Hi Chris, wow! Love the pics here. Very impressive.
    It's only thru blogs and pics like yours I get glimpses of where I'd come from and the memories.
    You have a nice day.

  12. Seems to be happening around JB town. Didnt visit JB, but headed to JPO only.