A visit to the pharmacy ....

What a weekend! Went for my usual quarterly checkup for cholesterol as well as accompanied wifey for a full checkup which includes cancer markers. And, though the checkup is super cheap, we usually ended up buying stuffs from the pharmacy like supplements, medications and etc.

Persuaded by the aunties who told that I got nice, great complexion and look macho too, (ahem.... Let them continue to bluff...! I felt good) they thought the above would make me look like those Korean actors.( Wah......!) Hahah... Anyway, I got special offer at RM59.90 for the above three items and can use for 3-4 months. and, this seems a good brand, my wife was using it.

Since my memory not as good lately, my dear pharmacist recommended me to take gingko biloba.

It should be helpful in improving blood circulation thus helps memory but then we shouldn't take it before an operation or dental procedures as it is a blood thinner and slow to clot blood. Later I visited my doc and he told me not to take it continuously for long term, stop for 1 month and continued for 3 months as it can be cause internal bleeding...wah...scary!

After the checkup, I enjoyed some local delicacies -

Mee Siam
 My wife loves mee siam it always makes a great breakfast!
Dried curry koaw teow
I saw this on the menu and wonder if its as good as Ipoh's. It's great but also a little too 'watery'. It should be very dry like the Ipoh version.

Above.... durian pies! Suddenly I got craving for durian.....hmmm...

And, not forgetting a cup of coffee to start the morning!


  1. Hehe, those aunties really managed to persuade you ha! :)

  2. Pan nai tarn again! I also used Clinelle once upon a time.. :)

  3. wow, we'll see a younger chris in 3 months time, okay? chris jong myeok, nice or not , the name?

  4. What a coincidence! Had my blood test last week :D

    LOL you're so easily persuade by ppl la... should tell them if ur skin so good den no need buy la haha

  5. Hayley - yeah lor....if pretty girls lagi worse!

  6. Reana- ok, my wife also using if.

  7. Lena - hehehe.... I bet still the same. Old already, no change except bigger stomach and less hair!

  8. Charmaine -lol....joking only lar... I was shopping for a cleanser then.

  9. Hi Chris, glad to know you doing fine, health wise. And that mee siam sure looks delicious.
    Have not had it decades!
    You keep well, have fun.

  10. You know bro,I was just telling a friend that men are so fortunate creature, you know why? cos when we age,we look and always will do(with a little of taking care)nice....

    I am working on my six pack now,hopefully and I am determined that the packs will come out soon,,hahahhaah

    You look nice too,bro I think you will look fantastic with you spot a "bald head" I am not kidding you,,, try it and you will love it

  11. Ah!!! I love this kind of mee siam - used to eat that in Singapore. Yummmm!!!! And I love those durian pancakes too. Slurpsssss!!!!!

    Wah! You metrosexual now kah? Want to have skin as white and smooth as silk?

  12. Uncle Lee - you keep yourself well and happy too!

  13. Eugene - wah...not easy to get six pack. You really need to run a lot...5km-10km , 3-4 times a day maybe. And, do crunches!

  14. STP - hehehe.... metrosexual cannot meh?