Ha Ha Pan Mee, Puchong

I always thought Klang Valley always had good pan mee since I had one back in the 90s when I'm studying in KL. And yes, I tried another one of the good ones around here in Puchong. They have a varieties of Pan Mee with different types of ingredients used to made it...like spinach, kam gua and etc. And not forgetting the side orders too like fish cakes.

I usually prefers the mee hoon kueh type where the pan mee was sliced in bigger parts than the noodle lookalike. I go for the spinach flavour. The soup was sweet and added in the anchovies made it even nicer. The anchovies are crispy too!
Spinach Pan mee

We got ourselves some side orders like fried fish cakes which is my favourite and fried wantons.
Fried wanton

Fried Fish Cakes
 And, of course, not forgetting a cup of kopi-O kao, which is a big glass, it seems!!
Long black ??


  1. Hello Chris, I love this. Been sometime since my wife made them. Now seeing your pics will hint to her.
    Can see you live to eat, ha ha.
    Gosh, you are travelling often too.

    How's the family? I guess now all enjoying the raya holidays.
    Have fun, and stay easy.

  2. Aha!!! Lakia chai...cangkuk manis!

  3. December i m going to JB.. make sure u r Available and Free...

  4. yum! never tried this one leh. looks nice! :D

  5. So after u eating the pan me...for sure u will laugh Ha! Ha! Ha!

  6. that slices of pan mee look so thin..must be really good!

  7. I love pan Meen too..here at KK I never saw Pan Mee but Pan Mien/Meen but I think it is a same..