it's a weekend I'm looking forward to .....

Finally it's weekend again and I am so looking forward to this short break since last Monday as it's an indication of my project completion. It was a tough week as I have a deadline to meet today and well, it's all ended today. I'm glad I can wind down a bit now.

I joined my colleagues for lunch today and we tried out Eatzi International Restaurant, which is almost all over Singapore. They have lunch sets daily and today, the main course was either sirloin steak or grilled fish. It's been some time since I had these lunch sets which comes with a soup and toast, the main course, coffee/tea and dessert. I go for the sirloin steak set which cost around S$11.

Sirloin Steak and well done...

I checked out the Grilled Fish where some of my colleagues ordered and it seems better than the steak. At least, it's healthier and have more vegetables. :D
Grilled Fish
I had my coffee of course, though I didn't snap a pix of it but I love their dessert - Mango Pie.
Mango Pie
Well, not much comments on this eatery but it's nice to enjoy a set lunch again, which reminds me of those coffee house back then in Ipoh when I was a kid.

I'm sure I will have a good and relaxing weekend to rest and relax and I hope you have a good one too! Let go, clear your mind of any negative emotions and thoughts and just wind down and have fun! Do what you like! :)


  1. You have a great weekend ya and thank god for the job complete,kan? Looks like your weekend winding down will be hunting for new makan outlets,right?

    once again bro,have a great and enjoyable weekend and god bless

  2. hey..new layout!! not bad..much better than the former..
    how does the mango pie taste like? must tell AA to try this out during the weekend.. he is looking for good food...

  3. Weekend is here!! Yipee~

    Enjoy ya!

  4. Nice new template. Happy weekend to you too

  5. Almost everyday I am looking forward to the weekends..LOL!! *lazy person**

  6. i'll go for fish anytime rather than red meat :)

  7. I want the steak!!!! Drool! Drool!