Obstacles ................

Well, I'm sure everybody would agreed that obstacles are part and parcel of life. To me, it's just like driving on a long journey at the highway, where we will meet good and bad weather along the way to our destination.  When the traffic is smooth and the weather is good, we usually meet the speed limit and drive faster. When there's a drizzle, we might slow down a bit and if there's a terrible storm, we may want to find a rest & recreation centre to wait till it has stopped or make a decision to continue driving, but drive with cautioned.

Thus, in life, there are always obstacles that we can handle which is similar to continuing driving despite a drizzle, in order to reach our destination or goal. There are also times where we think it's good to beat a retreat, like when there's a big storm which clouded our vision when driving, then, it's good to take a break till it is good to move on.

Just some thoughts .... have a great weekend folks! 


  1. true...you have a great wkend too :)

  2. nice one, as if this post is written specially for me. thanks :)

  3. smallkucing, manglish - :)

    jen - glad u find it useful. take care!

  4. Hi Chris, I agree with you....there is no such thing as a straight road, nor of life without hiccups.
    That includes roller coaster marriage or relationships.
    But like cutting an orange, opening a durian or making coffee, there are many ways how we can surmount life's obstacles.
    As long we have that blood group called 'positive', instead of 'negative' we'll be fine.
    You have a nice day, Lee.

  5. nice one...life without obstacles is meaningless for me...at least we learned from the obstacles we face

  6. Uncle Lee - Yeap, think and approach everything positively! Thanks for your inspirational comments!

    vialentino - yeap... and many folks thought life is plain sailing! Have a good week!

  7. Obstacles are needed to make life more interesting! Imagine no obstacles - it'll be a long and boring road! : )