Bibik Kitchen, JB

I like to introduce this new eatery in JB which was opened by an up and coming MediaCorp artiste, Cai Pei Xuan. She actually acted in some local sitcoms and lately, she seems like making it big in Singapore. By the way, read this article which was published in The Star.

The eatery is located at one of Jb's most bustling township, Taman Sutera Utama where there's a lot of good food around, and nearby the megamall, Sutera Mall. This was a nice place to be around , especially at night. Well, these are what we have for dinner and before I go on , I strongly recommend this place for a good dining experience cos it's affordable and the food is good. There's also Asam Laksa at RM4.80 here where I need to spend around Rm4 at a roadstall in Taman Sentosa!

Braised Pork - RM7.80. It's sweet with a mix of fat and lean meat in small cubes. It's one of the appetising dishes for the dinner. My kid loves it a lot! I can easily add another bowl of rice just because of this dish.

Kangkung with Belacan - RM5.80. A bit spicy but it's fragrance.
My all time favourite - Steamed Lady's finger- RM5.80. Dipping in the belacan was a great gastronomical experience! :P
The best dish of the night, with three pieces of Honey Chicken cost RM7.80. It's sweet and the meat is tender!I will probably order this again in my next visit.
It's been a while since I had a Nyonya cendol and thus, let's go for one. Cost Rm2... affordable right ?

And, as usual not forgeting my cuppa of Bibik White Coffee with added ingredients like Tongkat Ali and Lingxi. Cost - RM1.50

Bibik Kitchen is located at 108, Jalan Sutera Tanjung 8/3, Taman Sutera Utama, Skudai, Johor.


  1. Oh yes I read that article last time. Was she anywhere around that time? So the food's good? Great.. can go there some day :)

  2. ohhhhhhhhhhh nyonya cendol???? must go try...hahahhha

  3. Didn't know that she open a eatery there...

  4. Alamak....tersilap come here. OMG... sambal belacan!

  5. Merryn - Nope, she was not around. Yes, the food are good and affordable, that's why I recommend it here. :)

    manglish - haha... u miss home!!

    Sharon - I guess it was published in Msian newspaper

    cleffairy - hahha... so, hungry again yesterday nite?

  6. u really pandai eat.. next time i go jb, do take me to all those places..

  7. Steamed Lady's finger ... this is something new to me....but very cheap leh the price....yum yum

  8. Hi Chris, looks like when I return to Singapore have to make a stop in Johore, ha ha.
    The dishes look delicious. And cheap too.
    Have a nice day, Lee.

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  10. Ha celebrity and foods outlets, i wonder how much they know about foods, hahahaha

  11. reanaclaire- sure, anytime!

    vialentino - oh ..issit? My wife always cooked that for me as she knew I loved it

    Uncle Lee - yeah, JB has developed over these years.

    eugene - well, bro...guess it's their second income, especially the industry is so unpredictable.

  12. Wow! The food looks good! And so does the actress/restaurant owner! : )