Don't let stress affects your health and destroy your family

In this age, especially to the generation of middle-aged parents where the children are still very much toddlers or young kids, most of us are too busy, worried and concerned about work. I heard from a friend that his boss who's a workaholic has contracted cancer, which I believe he could have want spent more time with family then. I also heard from another friend years ago that his 50 year old colleague got an heart attack in office.

Well, guess most of us have no choice but to work to buy food on the table but however, I believe there should be some balance between work and life. Some of us are so concerned about their work performance, worried about being 'arrowed' for some tasks, worried about the rumours or criticism they heard today, dislike a colleague and vice-versa, someone taking over their job, heated arguments with customers, peers or superiors and etc. All this will ends when we left the company or organisation few years or few months down the road. :P So, is that worth the while?

Just my opinion, I feel that we shouldn't take things too overly serious in work. Getting killed over by stress or paralysed by a life threatening disease caused by stress is no laughing matter to our family, especially middle aged parents with young kids.

For me, I hope I can manage my stress better and live to see my toddlers grow up and get married. LOL... Let's take good care of our health....eat well, exercise, manage our stress..etc.

1 Corinthians 3:16 Know ye not that ye are the temple of God, and that the Spirit of God dwelleth in you?


  1. yes i always believe in work and fun...hahahah...and stop thinking what other people think about us or anything else

  2. yes, like that ma... sleep it off... esp u, u dont really lack of anything.. only lack of time to spend money only. :)

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  4. stay happy and the stress will melt away :D i like that picture of the baby flying in the air.. such happy moment :)

  5. Yes, work hard and play hard too! Enjoy life! : )

  6. smallkucing - God bless you too! Have a blessed week!
    manglish - no point sweating the small stuff and increase your blood pressure! And, the interesting part is things got solved easily the next day ... :p
    reanaclaire - i got time but lack $$$..how? :P
    Merryn - the image is for the joy part of my blog. I google it...
    foongpc - yeah, right man!

  7. Hi, dropping by from Claire's blog! It's my mom favourite quote," If you always get emotional and easily stressed out, before your kids grow up you oledi Si Kiao Kiao Liao"!! LOL!

    Have a nice day!