Back to Toastbox again!

Since one of my ceiling fans are broken and my wife suggested to go to Taman Johor Jaya where there's a newly opened warehouse electrical appliances and home decor shops there.It's indeed two shops selling goods at warehouse prices, though it's cash and carry. While on the way to the our destination, I though it's a good idea to stop at Toast Box again. Afterall, it's just a 5 mins drive to the warehouse.

The menu in Toast Box , JB is slightly different from those in Singapore and I find that they have more varieties of food. And, in addition, of course the outlet is bigger here. I had a mamak mee goreng (which makes me needed to run more ....!!!) and it came with two delicious prawns. Its delicious, not bad!!

Mamak mee goreng
 While in Toast box, definitely its a must to order kaya toasts. I still find that their kaya are one of the best. Maybe I do not prefer those pandan kaya types found in most kopitiam.
Kaya toast

And, not forgetting a cuppa of kopi kao.
OK, I got a stylish black three-blade fan at RM750 after discount, with a remote control and lights and will get a technician to install it soon. The fan power is powerful and the brand is Deka.

Have a good weekend!


  1. PLEASE COLLECT AT POSLAJU OFFICE, quote them the parcel number...
    Detail result for Parcel No : EF166448579MY

    Consignment to be collected at Counter Delivery PPL PASIR GUDANG

    You were NOT home when they delivered:
    16-Apr-2014 12:29:49 Unable to deliver the item due to
    Addressee not around at time of delivery PPL PASIR GUDANG

  2. The thing I miss the most about Malaysian food is chicken rice and mee mamak. I ate both since coming back dy. Haha!

  3. Toast and kaya for me! ;)

    There's a toastbox near my work place but I have yet makan there :P

  4. Huai Bin - YOu have been in Europe for too long , sure miss the local food. LOL

  5. Lina - oh... I guess I will have breakfast there every morning. Haha...

  6. my favourite kaya toast and tea with milk. i wish they will have a branch in Penang soon.

  7. Rose - Guess that is your breakfast tomorrow.

  8. Cquek - I think they from singapore, not sure if it will expand so fast to the north.