Of smoke and smog....

Last week was really a terrible week to be in Singapore. The haze climbed to an all time high of 401 PSI on a Friday afternoon and while driving out to lunch , I can see the entire town like shrouded with smoke with a bad visibility on the road. All of us seems like making it compulsory to wear a mask while going out, even just to get a coffee downstairs at the building's canteen. The days leading up to last Friday was kinda disturbing too! I remember before I went in for a game of badminton on a Wednesday evening, the psi was below 200. After two hours, it became 290! Luckily my company supplied us with N95 mask which makes our life better. I have been smelling burning woods the entire week while going to bed!

It's like an highland out there!

Yours truly, not terrorist!
Due to the smog, most of the time I had my lunch indoors. On one particular Thursday evening, the indoor food court was so crowded that I have no choice but to give myself an excuse to have a nice bowl of ramen at a Japanese restaurant. Really no choice but to eat expensive ... :P

yummy.... delicious Miso ramen to pacify the traumatic me due to the haze :P
Talking about the inconvenience of eating outside, I have some information to share.  One of my friends recommended me to log in to Foodpanda website, he told me that this online food delivery service suits me pretty well.  After a hard day's work, all I need to do is some clicks on their website here and choose the mouth-watering food from a wide range of restaurants.  After that, I can just sit back and relax... and the food will arrive steaming hot in no time! 

 Great information, right?


  1. Small Kucing, Taiping is dangerously affected too!!

    Arghhh, rain rain where are you??

  2. Kucing - take care, wear N95 mask and stay indoors always with air-cond and air purifier.

  3. Hayley - Oh gosh... hope rain will comes soon to Taiping. Anyway, it's the wettest town in Malaysia.

  4. The haze is getting worse here. School closed for the second day.

  5. LOL. You looked funny with mask like sucking the baby's.....

    I heard some birds in Singapore dropped dead to the ground. So scary!!

  6. Thank God there was some rain in Klang Valley today to provide some brief respite to the haze.

    I hope the haze in Singapore is slowly dissipating...

  7. Luckily after one raining evening... cooling night and clearer sky but still a bit of haze in Kuala Lumpur. How's Singapore today?