A simple dinner in Yong Peng....

While on the way back from Seremban last Sunday for Father's Day celebration, my family and I decided to  stop-by the Foochow rich town of Johor, Yong Peng, for a simple dinner. Initially, we wanted to go the well known corner lot coffee shop (before turning to the NE highway), Hock Swee Hin restaurant, but they are closing around 9pm. Thus, we settled at Old Street Restaurant, located near the interchange to the NE highway. It was just a simple meal to fill our stomach.

Pork ribs 'king' - Sour but appetising. The meat was crunchy!

A healthy vegetables

The famous 'foochow' soup. -- My favourite too, put some vinegar in it and it's real good!

Their famous tofu. It's soft and delicious.
We are on our way back to JB after a simple dinner.


  1. Ahhhhh!!!! Looks good! Stuff we can get easily at many places here in Sibu. Ours nice too!!!

    1. STP - lol... I'm sure you're place more delicious!

  2. Heard of Yong Peng but never been there.
    Food looks great, especially the foochow soup.

  3. Hayley - Yeah, I love the foochow soup, very simmilar to shark fins soup without the fins. LOL