Running faster .....

I noticed I am running faster below the 7 min pace for 5KM lately and been feeling good about it though the point is to cover more mileage for long distance run. All my friends prefer to run fast, even at a pace of 5 mins+ for a max of 5-7KM though they are not keen in participating in running events. I guess they have to train and paced themselves if they were to run long distance as of course, its not easy to sustain a fast pace for too long. However, I guess running faster for short distance helps to build up endurance and strength. Mental endurance is one of my weak points and I guess I needed to improve it. Thus, to me, all matters is still to cover more mileage and hopefully soon, I can do a full marathon. I need to prepare for my next HM soon, probably next week and still struggling to find running partners to go with me.

It's been a while since I dined in restaurants that served Shanghainese food and after checking around some eateries around at Bedok Mall, my colleagues and I ended up at Din Tai Fung. I think that's the first time I have eaten here if I am not wrong. All long I always get my fixed in Crystal Jade restaurants. Anyway, since I am yearning for Wanton noodles, I don't mind at all.

Here's my bowl of Prawn dumplings Wanton Noodles .. I love the dumpling

My colleague ordered a fried rice ..can't remember whats inside

Another fried rice from my other colleague which comes with a pork chop

The favourite - Xiao Long Bao

Here's Seafood or prawn fried rice from my other colleague ... they seems to love fried rice it seems or its just convenient and fill the stomach.
Just a short post today , have a good day!! :)


  1. Love the prawn dumplings wantan noodles, look good, must be tasty

  2. Name sounds like a Hong Kong franchise. Can't go wrong with prawns in anything!

  3. Been a long time since I've been to Din Tai Fung too! :)

    I first went in Singapore as well, for their 8 flavor signature xiao long bao.

  4. The wanton noodles look ching-ching-dei, but if the soup is good, then nice also.. I like your colleague's fried rice with pork chop, coz I love meat, must have lots of meat, yummzzz...

  5. good thing you are running faster, that's an improvement huh?? but like you said, it's easy to do that for short distance, to do that for a longer distance, you really need the stamina and endurance..

    ah, so you found out your problem.. the mental endurance!! well, that means you are still young!! haha.. for me, I guess probably I have the heart and mind to do that, but my body doesn't allow, muahahaha!!! :D

    Din Tai Fung, have not been there for a very long time.. looks like the food they are selling are the same over here too.. I remember I go for the fried rice with pork chop most of the time too.. err, true also, fried rice seems "convenient" :)

  6. 7 mins for 5KM, that's very fast, do you still remember when you first running for 5 km last time? That was how long?

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  7. Wow. U must very fit. Good la wish I could run as fast as u.

  8. I am glad to hear that your running has improved with all your homework done. At our age better not try to run just to keep up with the Jones's. We end up overtake them and die faster. Wakakaka

    Din Dai Fung is my favourite place as they know how to cook well. The price is not cheap in KL but worth eating. I am hungry now.

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  10. I don't know much about running but it looks to me that you have made improvements. Good for you! Wah, the food looks good especially the fried rice.

  11. All the best with your training for your next HM.

    As much as endurance, do practise holding an even pace. For longer distance, it's important not to start too fast in case you pancit at later stage. At the worst, you might get injured and have to DNF (do not finish) the race.

  12. Jiayoh. Sure will get pB next HM.

    Long time have not been to DTF. Love their XLB

  13. Something different from your usual Japanese meal. Hehe. I like the look of that prawn dumpling wanton noodle. Long time did not eat xiao long bao.

  14. So you wanna rename yourself as "The Flash"? :P