Simple good food makes a good day......

Since most of  the folks in Singapore went back home to vote over the weekend, I thought it's better I leave JB for Singapore earlier last Sunday than usual in order to avoid the jam. After all, I heard that there were really lots of folks went back to vote and the situation was almost like CNY. I definitely hate to queue with lots of people at the CIQ, where you can't even find the queue line. The line was like a 'W' where it started at the right top of the alphabet, not to mentioned the jam at the causeway and another long queue at Singapore's end. However, to my surprise, and really surprise.... there was hardly a crowd at 7pm in both the CIQ. It was a smooth journey! Well, I guess most of the folks took a day off or more.

I usually had a simple dinner on a Sunday night with my family and in-laws before I go back to Singapore for another working week. This time round, we stopped by Pekin restaurant at Taman Tebrau. We just order something light, simple but delicious and of course, a nice pot of chinese tea. I love having a good dinner before going back.

Ostrich meat fried with ginger ... the meat was really tender

Pekin's famous spinach tofu...one of my favourite

Vegetables....can't remember the name...hahha

fried ''mantou' (bun)...my kids simply love it!

'Four heavenly king' - a mixed of four types of vegetables... my wife's favourite 

Fried chicken ..... a must have whenever I came here. The chicken skin was so crispy and the meat was so nice when dipped onto the yellow coarse salt.
After a full stomach with cups of refreshing pu'er tea, I began my journey back to SG for another challenging week! Have a good week, folks! Looking forward to Friday again!


  1. Simple!!!??? You call that simple???

    1. I also wanna echo what Arthur said...lol. ..this not simple lo.

      That vege, we call it here dragon vege. Had it in seremban.

      I saw in pasar...not cheap eh....one dmall bundle rm5

  2. U did not go back your hometown to vote?

  3. Have not try spinach tofu before, wonder how it taste...

  4. Kucing - still no shark fins... :D

    Ok, I forgot the name of the vege...it's very nice! Need to ask my wife whether it's dragon vege.

  5. Wah! I didn't know the vege is so expensive like what Small Kucing said. Probably the price will change according to its seasons.

  6. I sent my wife to board a train to Kampar at 8am to vote and I went over to vote at Seputeh (KL). In the afternoon I drove to Kampar and it was a surprise breeze as I hardly saw any car on my side BUT it was madness crawling jams heading back to KL on opposite directions. So I stayed in Kampar till midnight watching the TV results. The traffic back home was smooth!

  7. Hi Chris, are you a Singaporean or Malaysian? Or a PR?
    As noticed you cross over very often....ha ha.
    Love the foods you displayed here, and one of my favourites is kangkong belachan.

    How you doin'? And family?
    Best regards.

  8. Twilight Zone - oh.. I guess it's normal for heavy traffic to KL on Sundays.

  9. Uncle Lee - I work in SG but returned back to JB during weekends. :)