Relaxing Saturday....

Once a while, I do enjoy short trips to smaller towns to unwind and getaway from the bustling city. I find the quietness and simple lifestyles of small places helps me to stay calm and relax. Last year, I visited Sg. Lembing town and the quietness of that place really melts away all the stress in me. I drove to nearby Kluang yesterday and though it's not a small place, it's still nice to getaway from the usual routines. However, Kluang was quite jammed during the weekends, probably due to city folks who went back.

After going around, I decided to stop by for coffee at Railway Coffee station. However, my sis in law's friend recommended Kluang Coffee to us, as she said this one was much better than Railway. Ok, we decided to give it a try.

Nice, nostalgic feeling... 

The back of the shop...

Mee Rebus

Kopi kao

The gravy of the mee rebus was thick and it's a bit different to have indian 'papadum' added to it, all served in a bowl. The kopi was good, I think they use the famous local 'tv' brand.

My kid enjoying his milo

 Then, we moved on to Zenxin Organic Park, which was nearby the Air Hitam toll interchange and located besides the trunk road to Kluang. It was quite late and most of the activities at the park was closed. Thus, we only walked around and did some shopping. The park was quiet with only a couple of folks having their early dinner there but again, I love the serenity there, surrounded by green vegetation, chirping birds and pond of fishes. It was blissful!

My kids enjoying feeding the koi at the park
I drove to Johor Premium Outlet after that for a short walk and dinner at Kulai town.


  1. The mee rebus looks....different.

  2. nice place to run around..the park.

  3. I have dined at Kluang's Coffee many times just for its marvelous Kopi and toasted bread with kaya. Should I try all the dishes??

  4. STP - yup, it's very different!

  5. Hayley - this is Kluang's famous Zenxin Organic Park, very nature friendly!

  6. Kucing - yup! They love parks!

  7. wenn - that's how we should spent the weekend!

  8. The railway station is nicer:P

    hehehe I am a Kuang girl. Took a trip down a fe weeks ago. Prefer the railway station still but the other one has more food offering.