Bak kut teh at East coast park....

Well known Han Jia Bak Kut Teh in ECP
My colleagues felt like having BKT on a rainy day and thought the famous BKT at the east coast park (ECP) food court was a good idea. After all, it's early when we reached there and there was not much of a crowd, unlike the peak hours where you have to queue for quite a while. This stall is famous for its BKT of course, well as braised pork knuckles.

Braised pork knuckles

braised egg and fried tofu

'mei chai' 

Boiled peanuts

I had BKT since I don't really like pork knuckles. The BKT was great, I guess of the better ones around Singapore. The soup was really good and it was more delicious on a rainy, windy day.:)

Nice peaceful scenery at ECP food court


  1. BKT, Malaysian...and Singaporeans come over to eat - cheaper and nicer...and you go and eat over there! That's like me going over to JB to eat kampua mee. LOL!!! Looks good though.

  2. BKT ..one of my favourite...They hv mei chai? hmmm not usual over here

  3. A lot of people say Malaysia BKT nicer...

  4. love the peanuts and the eggs..

  5. STP - ok ok ... I fly over there soon! :)

  6. Sharon - yup! Malaysia's BKT are different and nicer.

  7. I really love Singapore very much because the whole environment is greener, neater and cleaner than Malaysia. So naturally I enjoyed eating the hawker food at many places, thanks to a food expert uncle who lives in the republic.