Child care leave....

I think I passed the flu virus to my missus and she was down over the weekend, just after we got back from our shopping last Saturday. So, I took a day off on Monday to take care of them, as well as teleworking from home. It's rather tough working from home but then, the good thing is it gives me the convenient of juggling between family and work. Anyway, it's also great to spend a longer weekend with my family at home, though I didn't accomplished much.

It's consider lots of work sending the kids to and from schools, as well as bathing them, and buying food for them, while replying work emails. I really salute the single moms who did quite well and endured these daily. It's really not easy juggling between work and family. Anyway, glad my wife recovered well and I can passed back the baton to her. LOL....

cam-whoring with my little princess...
My little princess passed this to me when fetching her back

Have a good mid-week!


  1. See! See! Haven't I always told you? This cannot eat, that cannot eat and who's sick all the time?

  2. Hi Chris, how you doin'? Glad to read you and Mrs ok now.
    Hey...go buy that Chinese herbal tea drink called, 'Hor yan hor'...it's made in Ipoh, Perak.
    Anytime feel sick, or coughing, or have fever or the flu, drink a hot cup...morning, and night before sleep.

    My wife always keeps a box of this at home....knowing my fear of doctors and injection needles.
    You keep well, best regards.

  3. Hmm.. speedy recovery to your missus! Got flu is very troublesome la!

  4. So cute the lamb. Your daughter's cute too!

  5. STP - Eat healthily...don't give excuses! :P

  6. Uncle Lee...yeap, hor yan hor is good. I also took some at times. :)

  7. Hayley - thanks, all recovered now

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