Bonding with board games....

With a fast internet connection, smart phones and tablet at home, I realised the interaction between myself and my kids have became lesser. Though my kids are very young, they were so addicted to these devices and most of time, they spent their time the watching Youtube, playing educational software and of course, games. The educational apps were good and it did help my little princess a lot in English. Anyway, not just them, even myself was glued to the internet most of the time  and I guess it's time to 'fast' a little bit from the cyberworld. I thought it's time to break away and have more bonding with my kids.

One of the idea that I thought of was to introduce board games to them. That should be exciting enough as it's something new to them and appealing.  Besides the popular games like monopoly, risk, snake and ladder, chess and etc, their daddy, yours truly, been playing certain board games for years. I realized board games actually helps developed our thinking, like planning a strategy to score victory points. I have been playing many board games over the years with my colleagues during happy hours, though I am a lousy player.:P

London - A game about rebuilding London after the Great Fire destroy the city in 1666

I just bought a new game called London recently and it's really a good strategy game. Anyway, I have only played it once and still not too familiar with it. Usually, board games came with cards, dices and of course the big board with a booklet of instruction. The learning  curve is usually steep but it depends on the game. It can be usually played with 2-4 players. 

My ever favourite game - Acquire. A game about acquiring the most stocks in the property market.
So far, I have a collection of four games and that includes the board game version of Warcraft. Probably, I can try introduce simpler games to my kids, which will also take their minds off the mobile devices for a while as well as create more bonding with them. 

There are also board games cafes which offers a massive collection of games for you to choose. Have a good weekend folks and lets spend more time with our kids during this school holiday period. :)


  1. Not into board games...I am a very impatience person.ehheheh

  2. yee ling, stp, kucing - initially I also don't like it but once I have started, I find it to be enjoyable and exciting. Its not as dull as chess where you needed lots of patient but rather most games can finished fast and before you know it, you have completed a game. :)