Blissful Saturday.....

The first weekend of the year seems switched back to typical, normal routine before the school break. My kids were in schools on Saturday, with the older one spending almost a day at the tuition center, due to the extra loads of homework. Sometimes, I really pity kids of today as their schoolwork were so much! I wonder is it due to the school's ambition to achieved excellency by producing good students or simply this is today's reality of being in school? My opinion is, besides academic excellence, another important aspect was to trained the kids EQ so that they can handle life in future, and thus reduces cases of suicides, depression, anxieties and etc.

I had a good Saturday rest and even gotta the chance to run 2.5KM around my neighborhood. Took a pix of the sunset below, which was so serene!

Such a beautiful art of nature.....
 Before that, since the kids were not around, my CFO aka wifey and I have the opportunity to 'pak tor' and had a nice tea time at Lavender Bistro. As usual, I had my Americano and we ordered some sandwiches.

Lavender's famous thin crispy kaya toast

Ciabatta with cheddar cheese and ham

After my jog and picking up the kids, we went for dinner at Aeon Tebrau City, as well as hang around there to do some CNY shopping. The mall was filled with CNY atmosphere already, where last week it was still playing Christmas songs. How fast it switches!! And, I am slowly feeling the CNY mood, especially so that I am going back to Ipoh this year. :)

Btw, nice to see that Aeon opened a new eatery serving hot plates menu, just like Singapore's hot pepper meals. It's called Tengu Magic Tepan.
Salmon with rice 
Salmon spaghetti

Salad in thousand Island

Salad in Japanese sauce
And, there was a free flow of soup which they offered Miso soup and Chicken cream soup.

My little princess busy sipping the soup....
Quite a nice but typical Saturday, no more tiring trips to theme parks but relaxing at home and around town. :)


  1. Wahhhh!!! Dining in style! No mention of prices. Well, whatever they cost, will definitely be cheaper than NZ - sooooo expensive, everything there! Sure am glad I live in Malaysia...and for that matter, in Sibu! Cheap & nice!

    1. Stp - it cost around rm50.Definitely should be cheaper than nz and confirmed Singapore.

  2. All food looks good! Especially the kaya toast! (Cause I am a bread lover, hehe)

    1. Hayley - yeap, I love lavender's kaya toasts.

  3. nice to be in a relaxing mood..

    1. wenn - I always tried to wind down during weekends. :)

  4. Something I never tried before....