family bonding in Little Big Club...

Happy New Year 2013! Hope this will be a good and blissful year for everyone! Frankly, though it's a celebration to usher in the new year, I always had this post new year blues on 1/1. In fact, I missed December! It's really a nice, peaceful, joyful and cool month with all the festivity activities going around. Imagine hanging out at happening places, you can felt the joyfulness around. For Jb and Singaporean folks, last December was a month to throng Legoland and the Hello Kitty town.

Entrance to Hello Kitty town
I shared in my previous post that kid's friendly theme parks like this are great for family bonding. The activities are both suitable for the young and old and of course, the adults must always be there to supervise the little ones in any games.

My kids having a good time helping Bob....
Anyway, I only been to the Little Big Club cos we are running out of time to visit the Hello Kitty town. One good thing I like about this place was its indoor and air-cond., thus need not worried about the changing weather as in Legoland. It was also smaller compare to its famous counterparts, thus, it won't take too long to complete all the activities and less tiring. The queues are shorter too!

Barney's place... my kids having a good time running around 

Angelina's place

Over here, kids can wore the ballerina dress and pretend to dance around... my little princess love this place

A pix with Angelina
The theme park was two storeys where the upper storey contains all the rides in the amusement park.

A view of the upper floor where the amusement park is located

Thomas on the way...

On Thomas's train .... ready for the ride

Another view of the park

That's Bertie's Bus.... it throw you up, down, left and right. lol...

another shot of the park

My kids on  the windmill

Bertie's bus again...taken while waiting for our turn to board

My kid in the bumper car

while my little princess enjoying the helicopter ride

and there's Pingu... my kids' favourite cartoon character

great for the kids and family bonding...
We spent almost 3 hours in Little Big Club and that's more than enough, as my kids ended repeating the rides again and again. There were also playgrounds for them to hang around while my wife and I took turns to supervise them. It's always nice to accompany your kids for games together, instead of them playing computer games on the phone or PC. Let them have a good time before school starts....today. :)


  1. Happy New Year 2013! I also miss December and Christmas holidays!! So sad but just gotta move on! I visited Legoland and Singapore too in December but did not visit Hello Kitty Town. Not enough time : )

  2. Happy New Year to you and your family. Nice place. Would certainly want to bring my girl when she was smaller. Too bad...she's all grown now... Sigh!!!

  3. Happy New Year to you and your family!!!

    My friend was thinking of going Legoland on 26 Dec, but change plan to this year as we worry raining season and also school holiday...

  4. Looks like you had a great time there!!

  5. It's unbelievable how cute your daughter is :P

  6. foongpc - Well, you missed this one! It's ok, can come again but it's more for kids.

  7. Sharon - You can go there now, it's definitely all yours with the little crowd. Do note legoland will closed on one weekday.