QingMing 2012

Almost yearly, I accompanied my wife to pay a visit to her late mum at the Nilai Memorial Park, together with my in laws. We were at the memorial park a week later after the Qing Ming festival was over but there are still lots of cars. I took a number of pictures and posted them on my facebook. Anyway, here are some of the pictures.

The temple at the park
A landscape view of the temple far away...

Love this shot I captured from a Lotus Pond
Another view of the temple .... it's so windy there!

Lots of folks still visiting and paying respect to their  loved ones ...

Preparation....err...notice the LV bag there ?? On the right is an Ipad..heheh...

fruits... which I got from Singapore

No joke here... father in law with bros in law... don't play play...

Another landscape view of the park... the place is peaceful!

Love this pix... a lotus pond and oriental structures
The place where ashes urns are placed
A nice little lake ...
Yours Truly and little princess....
I find that the place is kinda peaceful, organised, clean and serene. In fact, I took a walk alone around the park and doesn't feel eerie, unlike those older type of cemetaries.

Have a good week, folks!


  1. Nirvana? Resting place for the rich and famous?

  2. The surroundings is really peaceful and green...

  3. Your girl is very cute and pretty.. just like her mother! :)

  4. sTP - probably modern resting place.

  5. Sharon - yeap, it's indeed nice!

  6. Hayley - I felt a sense of serenity walking around.

  7. I dare not take pics at cemetery no matter how nice they are. Scared some unwanted figures appear in the pics!

  8. Merryn - too bad ...I didn't get any....heheh...

  9. I heard it's very jam!
    Did you get caught in the traffic?

  10. Ya..its look serene and peaceful to me too. Doesn't look eerie like in a movie hehehe..love the greenish of the plants. Sabah have one like this..Nirvana Memorial.. expensive one hehehee..

  11. Charmaine - not really.. Just a mild jam while on the way back to seremban.

  12. Alv0808- yeap, agreed with you. The place looks pleasant.