Busy week at Pan Pacific Hotel

I guess lots of folks were envying me for the past week as I was at Orchard Road (Singapore's shopping belt) for the whole week, in a five-star hotel at Pan Pacific doing a training course. I had buffet for the whole 5 day training and not forgetting the two tea breaks in the morning and afternoon with free flow gourmet coffee and a variety of teas.It sounds good as it may seem but that's one of toughest and busiest week I had.

The restaurant where I had my lunch daily last week

There were two exams in the training, one on Wednesday and the other on Friday. The first three days were focused on a fast paced course of instructions where we have to paid attention to it before we sat for the first exam, which is also a pre-requisite for the second exam. Buffet lunch was cut short by the American instructor as we needed to keep to the schedule. Thus, it was a kinda 'rush' buffet.
Exam time!!

It's actually not all that 'glamour' when having a training at a 5-star hotel. The stress of studying and preparing for exams definitely take precedence and before you knows it, time passed by and you are at the end of the training. It was real busy and stressful too. I am glad I passed the first exam and keeping my fingers crossed for the second 'super tough' exam's result, which will be released two weeks later. However, I love walking around Orchard Road around 5pm, where the courses ended daily.

Have a good week, folks!


  1. It's ok, take it as a challenge..
    Anyway it's over now.. Have a nice week ahead!

  2. So how many kg did you put on? And how much did you spend?

    I loved going for courses, seminars, meetings at hotels...6 meals a day and shopping, shopping, shopping!!!

  3. wahh..pan pacific hotel in Singapore.. for enterprising businessmen only! I was there for 2 nights with my kids few years ago.. very nice food there too!

  4. Hayley - thanks, the exams over and back to work.

  5. sTP - err.... Den.t really have much time to enjoy the food. I got a replacement iPad, as my old one was faulty.Got a cover for my iPad.

  6. No I don't envy you cos you are there for training, not holiday haha!!

  7. Kuching -but nothing to buy...save $$$$ better

  8. So ..getting another promotion later?? :)

  9. Wah eat so much!
    But you need that to compensate your hard work la :D

  10. Hi Chris, seeing your pics brings back memories to me of old days attending meetings, workshop seminars in Singapore.
    You have fun and get the experience.
    Best regards.

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