Steamboat at Ho Ho restaurant, JB

How nice to have steamboat again and it's a rainy evening somemore. I was at this Ho Ho steamboat restaurant in Taman Molek, which I heard that they are related to the one in Puchong. The ingredients and soup are almost identical to the one in Puchong though the soup is clearer here and the place seems cleaner too. Too bad, they do not have cockles fried mee hoon.

Boiling the soup with my little princess waiting in the background
Above and below...the fresh ingredients from Pulau Ketam

What I like most from this steamboat restaurant was the freshness of their seafood, which the owner said were from pulau ketam.

the chilli is a must and theirs was nice!    

ingredients in...now time for it to cook

getting ready...some 10 mins will do
and there you are...time to dip into the chilli and wallop it..
here's a side dish...deep fried fishes... it's crunchy and delicious
This eatery were usually crowded during weekends, around 7-9pm. It's always better to come early to avoid waiting for seats. We were around 6pm+ and manage to find a nice, ventilated and cool place.Have a good week, folks.


  1. wah..now no need to wait come KL baru can eat the Ho Ho steamboat lor :)

  2. Yummmm...next time, friends come to Sibu, I think I will have steamboat at home - giant mudcrabs, huge freshwater prawns... Yum! Yum!!!!

  3. Good for you...u have been complaining why Johor dont have this n that...hhhahahaha

  4. I love steamboat, regardless of the weather~

  5. steam boat is actually very easy to prepare

  6. Love to eat steamboat on a rainy day! Been to Ho Ho Steamboat in PJ many times already! : )

  7. Looks same like the Ho Ho in PJ too..