Stories for Halloween....

Since it's halloween, let's have some fun in storytelling. And, of course, I mean, stories of the supernatural which I heard or encountered.

Story 1 - In Genting, we were staying in an old but refurbished hotel since there are no more rooms in other hotels. The place was really nice, with new carpets and a great scenery of nature. The room looks great too at an affordable rates. We rented two rooms. I had a great sleep in the cold weather. When I woke up at almost late morning, my wife's niece was checking where her shoes were and to everyone surprise, it was in our room next door. Well, she couldn't have walked back to her room bare footed the night before, unless someone had wore her shoes again to our place. However, when she went back to hr room, it was late and nobody claimed to wore her shoes over. Unless that someone is not human.....

Story 2 - My wife and I always love to follow my bro-in-law and family to explore places around. These are not so famous places in Malaysia but still it's consider a recreation spot. One of the places we went too was a waterfall, where there's an hiking trail all the way up to some mountains. We had some pictures too and looks good on the camera. When I viewed the picture again on my PC, I saw some sort of a Japanese geisha head formed out from the stream. Well, that could be due to camera trick or was it really an ghostly head as it looks quite real.I have deleted the pix,btw.

Story 3 - when I was a kid, I stayed in those government flats which overlooked a nice park with a beautiful pond. The only problem with the pond was that it was a great place for people to commit suicide. I remember clearly I was awoke one particular night with dogs howling and an evil loud laugh. That was too much for a kid to take, who already scared shit with the numerous ghostly tales with the pond. I will never forgot this experience!

Story 4 - My school is well known for being haunted but I was surprise there are ghosts too in the daytime! I was in primary school going to the loo and while I was busy doing my business halfway, I heard a loud shriek from the back of the long toilet. I quickly ran off and err...did I wet my shorts? Thinking back, well, it could some mischief students shouting but then, how come the shout was so sharp and long, and in the school some more?

Story 5 - One of my friend had a 'third eye' who can see supernatural beings when he was young. Luckily, the 'gift' is no longer there now and it also was 'mild'. He told us whenever he drove pass a certain winding road at a small town, he will always see a lady ghost sitting on the tree. It will always be at that Same area, sometimes she sat at the opposite trees and so on.

Happy halloween folks!


  1. I don't feel any Halloween mood here.. But still wanna wish you, Happy Halloween~ hehehe :P

  2. wei.. kam hoong poe? the pic at the waterfall one.. pray..
    Reminded me of my first night in Japan.. middle of the night I went to toilet.. looking for my bedroom slippers..and suddenly found them underneath the blanket!! dont tell me i wore them to bed before i slept??? eerie but true..

  3. great, thanks for the tales

  4. Genting is always full of ghost story. Too many people die there

  5. sorry i skipped the entire entry. dare not read. dun wanna scare myself silly..

    anyway, happy halloween pumpkin :P

  6. Hehehe.... Just enjoy reading it! :)