Follow Your Dreams....

I am at it again, don't know what to blog of late and also the nights of badminton have been making me feeling tired. However, this also leads me to thoughts of prioritizing our goals and objectives in life and how best we spend our time in achieving what we want. Thus, I have something to write tonight...finally.

I guess most of us have at least 1 goal or wish-list. And, how great if we can move forward to this goal or goals. If not, we will be like a football team of 22 players on a field without a goal post. The ball will travel in every direction but without purpose.
No Goal!

However, sometimes we could set too many goals till we do not have the resources to manage them or we could have too many commitments till we have no time even for a single goal. Of course, some activities like sports, religious activities, charity activities and etc; are good and should have keep it up. If  that's the case, we should re-define and prioritize our goals and make time for those important ones and those can be achieved easily.

I am sure we will feel good, confidence and 'alive' if we met our goal or goals. Well, I passed a simple professional exam two weeks ago but that's really gave me a great and feel good weekend! So, this has urged me to continue to pursue what I want to achieve, which may not be necessarily material gains. In badminton, I tried to take on singles at the age of 40 and I'm feeling great though being beaten by younger opponents but the gap seems closer nowadays and my stamina improving..hahaha. Well, on a serious note, I need to prioritize for one or two important stuffs and probably I need to drop some not so important and not so interested goals.

Haha... I'm done with a post tonight. Have a good weekend and follow your dreams, despite whatever conditions you are in.


  1. true, only when we have the dreams can they be followed.

  2. This is the text for your next Toastmasters meeting kah? LOL!!!

  3. Definetely feel great if we manage to achieve our goals....

    Wishing you a great weekend!

  4. The 2nd picture, where is the place?

    Have a good weekend...

  5. LOL, can't agree more... we have too many goals and too little time!( wasn't that an excuse) Muahaha!

    Have a great weekend!

  6. yes!i have few dreams n actually quite worry if i cant achieve them. :/ but i know no matter i have to at least try my very best to make it! :D