Apacs Lethal 11

opps.....I did it again! I went to a badminton shop two weeks ago and got tempted again. With the blessing of my wifey since it's not as expensive as the high Yonex or Li Ning rackets, I got myself another new racket - Apacs Lethal 11. It cost me RM140+ including string and grip.
This is not really a new racket but it is one of the popular and affordable Lethal series together with Lethal 7 and Lethal 9. According to Apacs website, this is an head-heavy offensive racket. However, I find that it's ultralight, though at 4U. However, after trying it out on three occasions, I find it's really a good racket despite being light which many believe light rackets may not generate that much power. I like their hollow shaft which really gives excellent power generation while producing a 'whip' sound, as listed in their website. It did produces good and sharp smashes and I guess this racket suits doubles play more.  I find that this is a light head and balance racket. I'm loving it now, it's like a 'sword' to me!

Here are the specs as according to Apacs :-
Frame Material
30T HM Graphite ( Toray M30 ) + CNT
Shaft Material 24T HM Graphite ( Toray T700) + CNT
Flex Flexible (9.5)
Weight 4U (84-86g) G2
Length 675mm
Balance 285 ± 3mm (Even Balance)
Max String Tension
Special Features :-
  • New high speed frame design
  • Head heavy balance
  • Unique UK specification
  • Special apacs internal muscle wave frame

Check the full description of the product here.


  1. oh dear, those specifications look so alien to me..a cheap, cheap racquet from the pasar malam will just do fine for me, ha!!

  2. Bro, Li Ning good kah? i see even Lin Dan is using it..

  3. Your old one leh? Give to me, can? LOL!!!

  4. Wow, never know a racket also got so much specifications, hehe :P

  5. Whatever is if one lacks basic skills in badminton ,he or she will not perform excellently no matter the best racket ever to be used.