I was having a tea break with my colleague and he's being a foreigner, was saying that Malaysia and Singapore are such lucky places where there are no natural calamities. Well, I told them that's a truth and how lucky we were to be born and stayed in such places.

Lately I have read an article posted on facebook by my Pastor friend and it says so much of the resiliency of the Myanmar people, after the earthquake. And, of course, no doubt the Japanese are super resilient after each natural calamities!!! Not to mentioned our forefathers of yesteryears which contribute so much to our societies during the tough times of the past.

Was it only suffering only brings out the best in human beings? I believe so...cos most of the successful entrepreneurs have humble beginnings. Thus, suffering is not really a bad thing if you're in this situation right now cos it actually molds you to become a better person. As in my last posting, go pursue your dreams and do not discouraged if you met with hurdles.

“Suffering produces endurance, and endurance produces character, and character produces hope (Romans 5:3-4).”


  1. hm - your bible verse is true - but very hard if you are stuck in situations like that - it's just painful and i went through some dark and hard times in my life as well - crying to god .. would love if there were an easier way but guess there's none..

  2. Unlike people here...a little flood, up in arms...blame the government, blame everybody but never themselves. That's their negative mentality.

  3. We're indeed very lucky to be here!
    And as of what happened in Japan lately, we really got alot to learn from them...

  4. I don't know bro, i think you are right at some point that calamity will bring out the best in us but before that happens,are we all prepared before it strikes.

    Sometimes God puts us through difficult too, just to test our faith but one thing i am very sure that God will never let us too much until we cannot handle.

    One thing i do believe, Malaysia will not be safe from natural calamity forever....look at the world now,,, right?

    Just last night, here in my place, the wind suddenly blew so strongly and minutes later, you could hear siren blaring away, as if year 2012.

    take care bro, seize the day and be thankful to god always

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