Love what you do, not love what you want to do....

How true! Most of the times, we craved to do a project or something that we like but we always ended up without it. For example, when I first came out to work, I yearned to maintain and develop IT systems which adopt the latest technologies like web (then) but ended up working on a 'dinosaur' - the ever reliable mainframe systems. The organisation always asked you to be patience and finally, it ended up I look for another job. And, I didn't find job satisfaction again for whatever reasons in that new job- people, admin, HR...etc.

I still remembered some long time ago my ex-boss motivated me by always told me to develop interest in whatever work I am doing. It does really makes sense as you can only performs well in that job when you have an interest in it. It also makes life easier and transformed all those grumbles into challenges. Enjoy learning new things, manage the stress and keep yourself cool and compose at all times! Go for short breaks to recharge.

I believe job satisfaction can only be derived by giving our best to any jobs entrusted to us and do it nicely with precision. It's also living life to the fullest by engaging ourselves fully to our tasks and be satisfied with it, be it our job, household chores, church duties, volunteer work and etc.

Enjoy your weekend and look forward to Monday!


  1. I'm almost knock off from work, enjoy your weekend ya!

  2. True...if not for my love for teaching, I would not have got very far. The rewards aren't monetary - in fact, the money just isn't much really to keep one going...

  3. true... that's why I have changed my job now :P

  4. Hi Chris Au, good for you.
    I too started life as a Systems Analyst on IBM main frame computers, 360/20 using cobol.
    As well on NCR Century 100 main frame, and ICT main frame.
    I was familiar not only with cobol, but Fortran 1 & 2 and neat 3 computer languages.

    But wearing a tie, sitting in an office bored me to death.
    Also I saw I was not heading towards my dream...
    I switch jobs, took a pay half what I was getting then...in sales and marketing.
    I never looked back....and 10 years later one of the youngest to reach the stars.
    Flying in a Corporate jet to faraway countries doing business.

    Go with your dreams. Do what you want to do in life.
    And have fun. Best regards, Lee.

  5. I love your "Transformed all those grumbles into challenges" quote! This apply on my current situation too, as a full time mom... frankly it wasn't something I expected before I conceive my 1st child. I want my child in good hands but in the other hand I missed my career. As my children grow older and naughtier, I got really grumpy and fed up, I started to tell myself if I can't handle my patience, and kept scolding and yelling at my children... I'd might as well go back to work!

    It's great that I stumble upon your post, at least I'm motivated to convert all the 'misfortune' into challenges, thank you Chris!

    Wishing you a beautiful Sunday!

  6. Happy New Year..a bit late I know but have been very busy..not much time to blog hop :D

  7. suituapui - I admired your passion for teaching and enriching others! It's not just for the money but for a noble cause.:)

  8. Archie - thanks for coming to my blog. Yeah,sometimes good to know what u want and go all out for it.

  9. Uncle lee- oh..didn't know you started off as IT trained. Well, during my time 10 years ago, cobol still around but Im working on a 'newer' mainframe language - Natural/DB2. I moved on to write windows apps like Visual Basic and a little bit of web stuffs. Now, Im more into proj management and will always try to develop interest in whichever project Im working on. Thanks for commenting.

  10. Alice - Im glad this post sort of motivates u. This is my objective of setting up this blog, a little corner to wind up and inspire. Put what I have read on self development books into practise.

  11. smallkucing - hahaha.... cny shopping huh ?