Driving in a positive mood....

It's been raining non-stop over the weekend which is not common during the Chinese New Year season. I was kinda concerned with the heavy downpour after I woke up this morning and I knew it's gonna be a day of rain and a tough 'balik kampung' journey later.

It's indeed a difficult journey as the rain never stops on my trip from JB to Seremban. It kept pouring and pouring and the only consolation is when the rain gets lighter at some locations but it returned back with a vengeance soon after. It can stressful to know that you will have to drive hours in heavy rain. I gotta drive slow, around 70-80Km/h and sometimes goes up to 90km/h occasionally. In fact, one of my wipers decided to call it a day when I'm reaching my destination and I have to slow down the speed of the wipers and go very slow at 50km/h while reaching Seremban.

 However, during the journey, postive thinking helps to makes me feel better as I try to overcome the bad feelings. I beginning to try to enjoy the drive in the rain while listening to CNY songs. Later, the positiveness seems to bring rewards as I feel great catching glimpses of the view of the mountains covered in thick mist. This is the part of the journey between Yong Peng and Pagoh. The sight is heavenly.

I am relaxing at my in-law's place now and feel so good after a good meal and shower. The weather is cool too! I prayed for good weather on my next journey back to Ipoh. :)

To folks who are getting ready for the 'balik kampung' journey, do feel good and think positive while driving, despite the conditions.


  1. your title attracted me,
    true words, love the illustrations.
    Happy Sunday!

  2. Jingle - hahaha...thanks! Just want to express myself after a tough journey.

  3. wenn - thanks thanks....Gong Xi Fa Cai!

  4. Pandu cermat, biar selamat...especially in foul weather conditions. Qong Xi Fa Cai!

  5. Safe journey ya!
    I understand how difficult it is to drive when its raining... =_=
    Wishing you and family Gong Xi Fa Cai!

  6. home sweet home! Happy Chinese New Year!