Yong Peng's Old Street Town kopitiam

Whenever I travel back to JB with my family, we always stopped by Yong Peng for dinner. Most of time, we patronised the famous ones along the main street of Yong Peng which I have blogged before, either in my old blog or here. This time round, with words of mouths, there are some better eateries along the road just after you came out from Yong Peng (U) Toll.
Check out Old Street Town restaurant in Yong Peng. It was just a humble kopitiam but it was slightly crowded when we are there around 6pm.More and more crowds came by later.

Pork Ribs 'King' in marmite sauce - RM14. I love this and so was my kid. It's always appetising to marinate any meat in marmite sauce. It was sweet too and  I guess they put honey which I'm not too sure as I just gobbled up the meat. LOL It's good!!

Petai and prawns in sambal - RM12. Somehow, this is not to my liking but my wife and sis-in-law love it. Probably not my type of dish as it's too 'wet' for me. However, I still love the petai and enjoyed it.

Kankung - RM5. An healthy vegetable to go by and it's a refreshing dish indeed. I like it when it's hot! yummy....!
Foochow soup - RM7. This is my favourite and I guess the best I tried so far in Yong Peng now. I mentioned 'now' cos some other shops seems to have lost their standard. Put some vinegar and you'll enjoy a nice bowl of foochow soup. Taste like shark fins w.o the fins.. :P I helped myself  to three bowls!!

Old Street Town restaurant was located at - 10, Jalan Jaya, Taman Jaya 1, 83700 Yong Peng, Johor.


  1. Very cheap..next time take me there.. oh, on 2nd thoughts, bring me to more expensive places la!

  2. I love old coffee shops like this - usually the food is cheap...and the best of all, very delicious...but sometimes, the father has died and the anak does not cook as well...so the quality drops.

  3. Petaiiiii...yummy petai...this reminds me i have got some petai in the fridge yet to cook LOL

  4. Reana - can la. Show me some nice makan places!

  5. Caroline - small town, sure less costly.

  6. SuituPui - yeah u r right. They can't last long unless the son wanna take over with his full dedication.

  7. Smallkucing - I love petai too but prefer the dry ones. Not so wet with gravy.

  8. Wow! All the dishes looks yummy, especially the petai ;)
    Have a great evening ya!