My new badminton racquet - Apacs EdgeSaber Z-Slayer

I just placed an order for the above racket which is similar to the Yonex ArcSaber Z-Slash, but very much cheaper. haha..! Oh..if you have been following my blog, you must be wondering if I am badminton or racket crazy cos I just bought one racket 2-3 months ago. Well, this is my fourth racket that I bought this year. LOL And, I sold off two of the rackets while gave away one to my nephew.This gear cost me $S69. I almost go for the Yonex Voltric 70 which cost S$250 but after listening to some experts' advice, I decided against it as it may be too stiff for me.

These are the specs for the racket (got it from Apacs UK website) :-

 Frame Hi Modulus Graphite + Whip-Slim Frame
 Shaft Hi Modulus Graphite + CNTs Carbon Nanotube
 Flex Medium
 Weight 85g +/- 1 (4U)
 Grip G2
 Balance 285 +/- 5mm

I understand this racket weighted 4U and slightly head heavy but not so stiff and fast in attack. I searches the Internet and it seems lots of folks gave good review for this gear. WIll hope to try it out next Tuesday and see if it's really good. haha... Let me know if you want my personal report on this racket. Btw, I'm not a good player but just someone who enjoys playing badminton. LOL


  1. Wow, cool~
    With the new racquet, guess you'll be more hardworking in playing badminton liao... :)
    I love badminton too!

  2. hey... buy this Lin Dan's made in china racquet.. can play like him then.. :)

  3. Hayley - haha... when I sleep well, Im hardworking else I will played like a zombie. So, did you play too?

  4. reana - that's LiNing brand. Very expensive,not worth buying. Get Yonex better. Btw, Lin Dan's racket is too stiff for me...don't have the power to wield it. Even Yonex LCW's Armoctec 900 racket also not for me.

  5. This racquet should able to give more powerful smash from its spec

  6. Wah...... It's been ages since I last stepped foot in a badminton court! Nice to know u r training hard for the auction :P

  7. Borneo - yes, I think so. It's fast , light and slightly head heavy. I will only know when I try it.

  8. lets play badminton together next time!! :D

  9. Hi Chris, love the racquets.
    I have not played badminton I think 35 years! Ha ha. Used to be fairly good too and specialized in cross court drop shots.

    I would practice for hours weekly on these cross court drop shots....just over the net low.....

    When I was 7 , 9 year old I played with Wong Peng Soon, ha ha. He was having an eye on my auntie then and would play with my cousins and several aunties, where they had a badminton court at home.

    And I have never forgotten his very deadly cross courts drop shots!
    He would from wayyy at the back jump up, fake a smash. but instead of smashing it, he gives a light tap and that shuttlecock would cross over, land on the net, balance for a second and drop other side.

    I have seen him practice and the number of players running thru the net, even pulling it down trying to catch his drop shots.
    Another fellow Ng Boon Bee as well Punch Gunalan, their smashes were like gunshots!

    Oh ya, my raquets thos days was a couple of Dunlops as well my favourites, 'Flight Commandr'.
    And the 2....greatest badminton all times greats were Wong Peng Soon and Rudy Hartono. Eddie Hariyanto and Hartono too was very good.

    Have fun and best of seasons greetings, Lee.

  10. Uncle Lee - Thanks for sharing. I believe you are good player then, having known and played with the great Wong Peng Soon. At least, your standard can't be too low. haha.. Yeah, I remember during then, wooden rackets are being used and brands like Dunlop, Yoneyama prevails. haha.. Now, there are too many racquets in the market and then game requires good stamina. I usually can't last a single game at 40 now.

  11. hi there its been my hobby playing badminton .. its fun to have a new racket like this and used it during the game
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