Fermented tofu

OK....I thought I heard or eat the last of fermented tofu or 'Smelly tofu'  in Singapore, since I had it almost a decade ago  in China Square Food court here. The answer seems no, cos my dad asked me to bring him to Lau Pa Sat today, after hearing from my bro that there's one stall selling the ..erm..delicacy.

So, we headed there, and it's really been a while since I stepped onto Lau Pa Sat, one of the popular food haunts in Singapore. And well, here's a plate of the still smelly but it tasted real good fermented tofu.Finally, I'm eating it again, though not a big fan of it. LOL
I also ordered the below from the stall which sold a variety of Taiwanese delicacies. Here's a fried pancake, which is made with some vegetables called 'kauchoy' (cantonese). It's like a size of a medium pizza and well, it's crunchy!! I think I called it 'Kau-choy' pancake.

Below is some 'popiah'-like stuffs which has chicken floss in it. Well, this is my first time trying out these taiwanese delicacies.
This is the stall which we bought from in Lau Pa Sat. I like the way the stall is being decorated, looks very 'taiwanese' indeed.
A view of the Lau Pa Sat foodcourt. A favourite place with both locals and foreigners working around there.
And, not forgetting my cousin sis and her hubby enjoying the bites.... A happy face and a satisfied face!!


  1. wahhhhhh... big cheh cheh enjoying ah!!! come back sure put on weight one....wei.. did u rec my msn msg?

  2. reanaclaire - got la..told them already. yeah, today bring her out almost whole day. Go Bugis Junc, Lau Pa Sat, Orchard... very tiring!! :P

  3. eeeeee.......smelly tafu...tried once ...beh tahan..yuck

  4. it is very funny how smelly they are but very delicious wen eaten, i never tried any until i went to visit my brother in shanghai and finally ate one day and they were good..

  5. small kucing - hahah...not everybody's cup of tea.

    manglish - yeah lor, the smell sux but it taste good especialyl when u dipped into some chilli sauce.

  6. i super duper love fermented tofu. my dog loves it too :)))