Nusajaya, JB

Finally I got to visit Johor's Putrajaya - The Nusajaya City. It was located at the mid-west of Johor and very near to the western side of JB city. I took the highway which can access the second link to Singapore from Taman Bukit Indah and it was a 20mins drive. It's really nice to be there - quiet, clean and nice structural buildings. However, the place is still very much in development and have around five government buildings in a place called Kota Iskandar, a yachting centre and an housing estate.

I can't recognised or rather noted down each building but remembers this one - the Dewan Negeri Johor. It was a nice and artistically designed building!
A nice and refreshing pool greets you as you walk in from the car park.
Lots of water flowing at the heart of the building towards the front.
The signage.
The inside of the dewan - beautifully design staircases and structures.
Above and below, the others 'jabatan' or government offices of Johor State. I understand there's one where you can pay water and power bills, I guess it's the one below.
A closer look at this building. I was actually enjoying photography here.
Below is Johor's Chief Minister's office. It's really a majestic building!

Walking into the building, here's a closer look at the interiors of the Chief Minister's Office. I really feel like I'm in the middle east. :)
 Somehow I love capturing pics which detailed the lights and shadows.
And, last but not least, a family portrait minus my daughter, who's soundly sleeping in her aunt's arms.


  1. wah.. like a papa taking pic with son and daughter .. hahaa.. no makan in this post?

  2. reana - haha.... that means my wife looks young.I tell her...hahaha

  3. alamak...the water part looks like Taj Mahal :p

  4. ahahhahah i hope they maintain the place well, you know how malaysians only build but never maintain

  5. Wow! Another mini Putrajaya and it is beautiful

  6. smallkucing - not just taj mahal but u feel like you're in Turkey or something.

    manglish - yeah, we'll see

    BF - Let's wait for more buildings to come out in years to come.

  7. Hi Chris, wow! Is that JB? I guess I have lost touch.
    Used to stay there too and crossed over to Singapore almost everyday or night.
    Beautiful pictures.
    You're a good photographer, and nice pic of you and wife and kid.
    Have fun and keep well, Lee.

  8. How old are u ar, Chris? My dad looks around your age... mebbe abit older...

  9. Uncle Lee - Thanks. I love taking pics but too bad, it's not a DLSR camera. Will hope to get one someday.

    Cleffairy - aiyo... Im not that old la...check my facebook profile la. BIrthdate is there ..and u know what to do when my birthday approached. :)

    作弊 - Hi there!!