Makan time with cousin sis and parents

 Well, I got a job to do over the weekend, to bring my parents and my cousin sis and her hubby around in JB. Actually, there's really nothing much to do in JB except shopping, thus, I tried to bring them to some of the best makan places that I know besides shopping. 

Since we went to Tebrau City and it's near Taman Molek,  I brought them to Let's Eat Restaurant in Taman Molek for lunch. I have blogged about this place before which is a HK kinda restaurant or 'Char Chan Teng'.

Here's my cousin sis and her hubby at Let's Eat Restaurant.
Some of the food we ordered - Szechuan Pork Noodle, RM6.90. I love the soup, it's really sour. Very appetising!
French fried rice - RM6.90. My kid's favourite and this fried rice is really good. My parents said it's one of the better ones they have tried. :)

Above and below, a refreshing glass of ice lemon tea (RM3.30) and below, ginger boiled coke (RM3.90).
Well, I didn't really snap all the food but I guess they have a great time here. :)
Let's Eat Restaurant is located at 23 Jalan Molek 2/3, Taman Molek 81100 JB

Ok, below is dinner where we had it in Bai Her Restaurant, which is famous for its Curry Fish Head, prepared with no coconut milk.

Here's a vegetarian Tofu dish - RM9.
A healthy plate of vegetables to supplement the not so healthy food below. Cost - Rm10.

Their signature dish - Curry Fish Head, RM37. Lots of fish meat prepared with ladyfingers and other vegetables. Surprisingly it's not spicy while delicious. And, best of all, it's not that unhealthy since there are no coconut milk in the curry.
My dad and cousin bro-in-law's favourite - Braise Pork. A mixed of fat and lean meat, this is really an appetising one where you really feel like adding more rice to go with the gravy. The fat really 'shake' when you pick it up. :)
A candid pic of cousin sis, her hubby and my mum. And, that's our sunday - makan, shop and makan again :)

Bai Her Restaurant is located at 8 Jalan Molek 2/1, Taman Molek, 81100 JB.


  1. pengsan...my stomach playing drums again...

    I have never tried ginger coke. Will wanna try it one day

  2. Ginger and Coke. Now that is something new

  3. niceeeeeee will note down the address...

  4. smallkucing - haha...u must be hungry and need supper!

    BF - it's actually available anywhere in a HK restaurant

    manglish - good! haha

  5. funny... i said my sis and BIL sure come home fei fei bak bak... hahhaah...

  6. reanaclaire - got fei fei bak bak hor?

  7. I'm hungry. I've got to have my breakfast now. :)

  8. Hello Chris, I know JB's Tebrau of long ago, in the '80s.
    I sure love that fish head curry and vegetables. Looks delicious.
    Have fun with your relatives.
    Best regards, Lee.