Watching oldies ...

I downloaded a movie app from Microsoft Store called FreeFilms and I thought it was good! There were a lot of HD new movies like Deadpool, The 5th Wave and so on, but while searching thru the movie database, I found that classic Aliens and decided to watch it. Well, I like that horror sci-fi movie when I watched it during my early teens but during then, I didn't really grasp the details of the story line, like how long the heroine Ripley was in cryogenic from the prequel before she was rescued. So, by watching again these classics , I finally understand the details of the story.

 I also watched many old movies over the years,  like Star Wars episode 4-6, 2001: A Space Odyssey, Back to the Future 1-3, Terminator 1 and 2, Matrix 1-3, Lord Of the Rings 1-3 and etc. , whenever I am free and it's kinda nice to understand the 'small details' of these movies when I watched again and which I could have missed out when watching in the past.

It was raining almost daily lately and though I welcome it, the afternoon rain seems too long and it rained till the evening, which has affected my training. With the Sundown HM on next Sat night and without much training except some short 5K runs in the gym, I guess I will just enjoy the run and forget about improving my pathetic personal best (PB) timing..hahaha.. After a 5KM run on a cold rainy night in the gym, I decided to have something warm - Ginseng Chicken Soup at Seoul Garden's Hotpot.

It comes with a bowl of rice, some vegetables like kimchi and prickles and boiled chicken drumstick in the soup. It's not really cheap as this cost me S$22 but I seems addicted to it. Well, since the Ramen restaurant has closed down at the nearby mall, perhaps it's time to embrace Korean food. 

Have a nice mid-week!


  1. My 20s were the movies going days, now have not visited the cinema for months unless it is CNY and accompany my mom to watch those Jack Neo productions

  2. Replies
    1. Maybe because of Keanu Reeves? Must be lah

  3. I like ginseng chicken soup with mee sua...plus lots of their traditional wine.

  4. I wonder how old are the old movies available. I'm not into those that you watch though - more into family dramas, sob sob movies...tear jerkers.

  5. Korean ginseng chicken soup. Yum yum.

    I have some downloaded movies and dramas in my pc, that I have not yet start watching them.

  6. I also like some old movies or even old TV series. One of my favorites is those old P Ramlee movies. They still make me laugh.

  7. Haiz, mentioning about rain, so sad yesterday, it rain, can't go for workout due to cancellation, haiz...

    Maybe, soon, we will be seeing you posting about Korean foods, hehe...

  8. For oldies, I like past TVB drama