The spirit returns ?

The 7th month is over and Halloween not here yet but that doesn't stop me from telling an eerie story in this post. :) Well, my wifey's aunt had passed away recently in Ipoh and my sis in law decided to go to Ipoh to accompany her cousin sister, who went back to Ipoh to pay her last respect to her mom. Everything goes on smoothly in the funeral and wake. Though everything settled down where the funeral is over, my sis in law decided to accompany her cousin sister till the 7th day, where Chinese believe the soul of the dead one will return for a short time to see their loved ones for the last time.

On that night itself, my sis in law recounted suddenly there's was a cold wind blew in the house and then, the deceased's grandson, who was a teen, was saying he smelt something smelly and seems like the smell of his grandma. Everyone in the house also smelt it, which seems like the body odour of their late mom. They felt the presence of her. Anyway, they felt horrified and one of them decided to offer joss-sticks to her mom and asked her mom not to 'scare' them. After that, everything went back to normal.

Well, I also remember one of my friends, who's a Catholic, show us pictures of footprints in flour, of his late dad in the morning after the 7th day. hahaha... So, what do you think ? Do you believe the dead ones will returns on the seven day after their pass over?

OK, let's relax now and calm your nerves. I patronise Uncle Jang in JB and this is the first time I tried it. It was nice though not really my favourite , but it's allright.

Bulgogi Pork ... really to be cooked

Half-way there before the ramen added in .. We were served by their staff who cooked for us.

And, here you are ... ready to eat!

Egg Pancake

Marinated chicken .... it's sweet like teriyaki chicken. I forgot the name of the dish in Korean.

Another pancake
Have a nice holiday tomorrow! :)


  1. What holiday tomorrow? It's still a working day leh?

    It's 1am and I'm reading this. Now I have goosebumps all over me >_<

  2. Most people believe that the dead will come back to see their loved ones for the last time, but dunno which day.. But after reading your post today, oohh, 7th day? It's common, I also hear before, usually they will "smell" the dead's one's smell, or hear things they often do, like cleaning up the closet or scrubbing plates/stuffs..

  3. the 7th month was way over and it's almost mid 8th month, everyone is celebrating with lanterns and mooncakes but this Chris wanna scare us with an eerie story, hehe!! so naughty lah~~

  4. not scary at all lah because I have heard of this kind of story many times and it seems quite normal that the family feels the presences of the departed on the 7th day after someone left.. anyway, like I always believe, respect each other.. and I don't like the idea of sprinkling flour on the floor to trace the footprints, it's something quite disrespectful, in my opinion.. :)

  5. wah Korean this time?? and seems like you have ordered a lot of food huh?? looks very appetizing.. but I don't remember the Korean restaurant I use to patronize put all those mayonnaise and kimball chili sauce, or perhaps different styles huh?? hehe.. :)

  6. I heard before about the 7th day being the deceased will come back to visit their loved one...

  7. Almost forget tomorrow is a PH. So you get the holidays in a row since Friday is also an off day right.

  8. Yes, I do believe that the spirit of the departed come back to visit.

  9. er.. not sure bro.. but spirits I believe exist.... OK, so mana pergi malam ni?

  10. I know my Boss believes in them.

  11. Those pancakes look delicious to me.

    Yes, I do believe it.

  12. No Japanese in this post?? Hehehe! Love all the food picture. I would love to eat that pancake and teriyaki chicken.

    I don't know, I never witness or encounter any about the deceased coming back to visit their loved one. But I think there is other presence around us that we could not see. We are not alone.

  13. Only some will come back, it depends. Someone must be grieving at home too much and that is not advisable as we must be strong, let go and move on so that the departed soul would not be dragged back to this realm. I am not kidding.

    Eat more Korean food, young man. You posted and recycled so many Japanese food liao! Wakakakaaka