Simple Japanese meal ...

It's really been a while since I patronised Kinsahi Japanese restaurant in JB. I remember I used to go there with my wife at the Taman Pelangi branch but that was almost donkey years ago. That branch seems has closed down too. This was the first time I ate at the Tebrau City branch. The decors were good and it was quite a crowd there during dinner time.

I ordered a Salmon Shioyaki set and some salmon sushi for the family, while my family had salmon teriyaki set, temaki and ramen. I didn't take all the pixs but only took mine as my kids are complaining...LOL.

A pot of green tea to refresh the mind

Salmon sushi

My Salmon Shioyaki Set
The food was good but it seems not as great as before, or maybe it's due to the chefs at other outlets. Anyway, the good thing is we still can get something we like, compared to fast food at the mall.


  1. You are a fan of Japanese food? My whole family is a huge fan of Japanese food!

    1. Ken - yeah, sort of a fan of Japanese food.

  2. Nice photos taken! I love Japanese food too!

  3. Wahhhhhhh!!!!! Salmon, salmon!!! My daughter's favourite... VERY expensive wor!!! Norwegian?

  4. I always love Japanese food. However, I can only enjoy it once in a while because it is not cheap ;)
    Looking at you pics, really make me drool .... Perhaps tomorrow I should go for it.
    Would like to wish you and your family "Happy & Prosperous Chinese New Year"

  5. Iriene - Well, just go and grab it then. Jap food are available everywhere now and it's getting more affordable.

  6. It looks awesome and I love the pretty colors

  7. I love Japanese cuisine. If you know how to choose it is healthier food

  8. Rose - Yeap, just take those steam and raw ones. It's healthier.